The Good, The Bad and the beneficiation

I cooked down this hardball from my 400 page questionnaire to, two questions…

  • Is there lessons to be learned for society from computergames/communitys?

  • Is there risks for society from computergames/communitys?

From your experience, and predictions of the future…

Ps. I will not answer or define anything more than this, just want your thoughts about a subject that I always carried with me, and that I’m certain will be more and more relevant for days to come…


  1. lessons learned from computer games and its communities for societies? there are a lot of life lessons there. both good and bad. video game communities have mixed with the mainstream populace for years. its just like any other entertainment/cultural communities like movies/literatures/sports etc. people of all ages have enjoyed/benefited/harmed by video games nowadays. some people enjoy getting bigger numbers and beating others in competitive video game matches. some people just enjoy immersing themselves in the world of video games.
    2.the risk from video games to society is kinda the same as the risk of (for example) movies/literatures/sports for the people. as analogy, violent & graphically sexual movies are bad for children, but older audiences can wisely pick up the good and avoid the bad from these medias. one of the more unique risk of video games is the detachment from reality. video games are bad for people who just wishes to immerse themselves in video games without caring for themselves or people close to them.

video games isn’t just about pushing buttons and watching the fireworks. its also about immersing yourself in the world created by video games, and to learn and enjoy the arts/philosophies in them.

when you play video games, make sure you enjoy the experience and get the benefit from it. don’t just push buttons to get bigger numbers which gives fake sense or accomplishment (unless thats your job as game developers/testers/esport players).