The greatest Trolling builds

Hey guys!

I’ve always enjoyed trolling people from time to time in games. For fun, nothing more- I usually make it up to the players after ive had a few laughs. The idea is generally to give other players laughs as well, and sometimes that means you have to pick someone to siphon humor out of their expense.

In the past, games like Steep where I might stand at the end of a jump and dive directly into players as they reach that clinch point in high speed, or standing in a tight small opening that someone might be trying to wingsuit fly through… And deploy my parachute as soon as they come careening in range- The parachute extending and blocking their vision, causing them to guess where they need to go and inevitably crashing into the rock.

Or even further back, in games like Return To Castle Wolfenstein (if anyone remembers that game) before Enemy Territory released and you could push people out of your way- A favorite thing to do with a friend was stand shoulder to shoulder in a doorway and block it so no one could pass, or planting dynamite in your own spawn point lol. Yeah, I know, I know. i wouldnt do this ALL the time, just every now and then if I was bored… And always always always with a sense of JUSTICE. If a player was being a jerk, I would target them with my troll-isms.

Fast forward to current day. Recently, I was playing Crucible. Some players had joined who were at my level, and instead of assisting in the waves, they were just hanging out by the vendor area, avoiding most of the combat and collecting easy rewards… At my expense. I tried to forcibly involve them in the battle by leading the fight towards them, and they kept running away and then insulting me and telling me to stop following them? I am not a fan of banning people from my games, so rather than that I tried to puzzle out a creative way to …“ENCOURAGE”… this person to leave…

That was when I decided it was time to create a build specifically for trolling these unjust crucible players. Every now and then when I am feeling like Robin Hood, I will scour Crucible matches in search of this type of player, and then rejoin with my troll build;


Balrog the taunting witchblade troll!

Now keep in mind, this build is designed SPECIFICALLY with a single purpose in mind, and that is to get EVERYTHING’S attention, and pull it to himself like a magnet! With Warcry and Bloody Pox (with Fevered Rage transmuter) this guy becomes the center of attention extremely fast. Then, I just use blitz and wendigo rush to put myself damn near on top of the target player, bringing with me all the hooplah that arises in a crucible wave. So far the results have been good.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Trolling using this character is STRICTLY reserved for jerks who are unwilling to contribute to crucible waves, and insult you if you follow them. These players will not explain themselves and why they are standing about doing nothing to aid in the struggle, yet at the same level. When this becomes the case wave after wave, Balrog is sure to make them reconsider remaining in that session.

So with that said, has anyone else ever used a “troll style” build, in an anti-troll trolling technique like this? if so, what are some of your favorite trolly builds?


I you do that to me while playing HC, I might try to find you IRL and delete your toons :slight_smile:


Trusting random people to not troll you in HC multiplayer? What a sad display.


No-password mp HC is tempting fate…

I don’t even need to be malicious, just curse you with the connecting hiccup at a crucial moment.


Awesome. Once you level up a bit get/max Black Death for duration/AoE WITHOUT wasting to make Pox last longer and not diminishing their hitting power. Debuffs like CoF also produce a LOT of threat, though I don’t think you want to apply the slow…only use on bosses.

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Nice trolling build, but I would expect something with Troll Bonecrusher, it sounds so well :muscle:


There’s not enough hearts in the world for this post

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Would love to see a video with this in action against one of those leechers.

I remember these types from my Diablo 2 days. I don’t play MP anymore of any kind with strangers and this is one of the reasons.


THANK YOU! This is exactly what I need to make this tactic more effective!

Im pretty nooby, so I need the shield for overguard and general survivability to ensure my spamming doesnt kill me also lol

Ill try to capture some video of it. Ill just start recording every time I feel like avenging us all, and go crucible with Balrog. I will be SURE to post anything decent that I happen to capture here in this thread, and will reference you in the post!

Oh god this would be horrible in HC LOL. I wouldnt dare. This is an SC only tactic for now.

I just started thinking, though. Why would people do this in GD? If you are going to cheat, then why not just GDstash? This makes more sense to do in a server based game.

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lol. I’m glad I’m not alone in enjoying this. Thank you!

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Im really not sure why ANYONE does this, unless theyre like super low level and looking for a REALLY FAST ride up in levels, which thats fine I wouldnt mind if there was a level 1 dude in the corner or something. But when they are like the same level, with no explanation why they arent contributing… It makes no sense and the absence of logic in the scenario just begs to be exploited by comedy

Sign me tf up. I’ll theorycraft a troll build too

EDIT: and I don’t even crucible to farm. Lmao. I GDstash

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Sentinel for 2x targetless movement might be good. Could draw on some immortal HC tanks for inspiration.

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Id love to see what you come up with. Was really hoping to start a discussion on various trolly builds here so I am pumped that youre pumped about it haha!

I dunno. It’s gotta be something where like. HO HO HO MOTHERFUCKERS. SANTA SEES THAT YOUVE BEEN NAUGHTY and you appear in front of them with death, teeth, and claws before vanishing

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The problem is generating just enough threat to pull aggro, but transfer that over without a hitch…Witch Hunter for Pox + blade barrier with Time Dilation?