The green eruption - Acid Ravenous Earth Oppressor


  • This place’s about to blow!


Decided to revise this build after sitting in my save folder for some time for few reasons, first is the RR changes, which should boost classes with only one source of RR (or zero btw) and also cause I created this devotion map for my Acid Doom Bolt Sentinel.

So for acid RE you have few options what to do: Dark One build, which should be tankier but it block your gloves slot. Also Ragadagadu set as Cabalist. You gain - RR mods to Omen but it’s kinda meh, also it’s done by @sir_spanksalot and bro what are you doing with the title :man_facepalming:

So my idea is to do non-set build with possible RE mods, which means damage, lot’s of damage.


  • pic with permanent buffs + Ascension. Damage for Biting Blades

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right:


  • Item with RE mods, Pandemic (ugh) weapon, MI off-hand + medal. Also Voice of Dreeg head and Viperfang gloves.

  • Relic is Meditation, nice fit. That and Plagues of Dreeg amulet with - RR suffix are really important.

  • Shoulers are faction recipe bought, cause they are great here and also cause I didn’t want to use sets

  • craft with % physique for extra DA/health.


BBlades for spamming skill, until RE is on cooldown. I prefer them over Acid Purge. Also decided to use freshly improved skill Call of the grave, which is up most of the time with that monstrous CDR.


Full acid alchemist present. Actually I don’t even have enough good procers but my acid % damage is huge and that means more damage. Ghoul, Bat and Guardians are for sustain and Manticore for flat RR.


Build is fun to play piano casters, minus it’s little glassy and have low physical resistance, unlike Occultist based builds. Kaisan and Alex are nasty opponents in Crucible with their high innate acid res and aetherials/basilisk as whole are slower to kill, my RR isn’t impressive.

Times are around 5:20 on average, video from my fastest run of 5:02!


Nice build! I was planning in posting my acid ravenous on friday here :wink:

I think we mostly used same gear, but I tested in realms and not in crucibal.

Ah, I see. Sorry to steal the show :sweat_smile:

I assume you took more defensive route in order to conuqer deeper realms?

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No no stealing always fun with more variation of builds to make common conclusions :slight_smile:
yes mine has more over cap resistence, physicals restiance and also some more cc res.
Uses many green items to fit theme also (well most because I do not have magi rings lol poor legit player)

Maybe I take mine to crucible too!

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Here is my acid ravenous [] Ravenous Earth Oppressors - Physical & Acid variants (SR65) :slight_smile:

Lol @ faction shoulders :rofl:

Tbh I don’t understand why you get Opressor when literally all items in that setup support Apostate.

EDIT: ok, not all but at least half of them do.


Acid ravenous apostate sounds like challenge!

Faction shoulders are sexy!

Apostate is possible but with full set to support Censure/Omen. Also Oathkeeper Path of the Three is great exclusive skill, CDR is powerhouse stat.