The Hidden Path quest reward compared to Kasparov's Experiment quest reward (Spoiler)

I’ve got curious about the skill point and attribute point rewards from some quests across the 3 difficulties, and I’ve found the list of those quests:

*7 skill point quests in total:

3 (one in each difficulty) from the quest “Kasparov’s Experiment” given by Kasparov in Devil’s Crossing

3 (one in each difficulty) from the quest “The Hidden Path”

1 (ultimate difficulty only) from the quest “The other You” given by Seer Rugia in the Coven’s Refuge.

*6 attribute point quests in total:

3 (one in each difficulty) from the quest “The Hidden Path”

3 (one in each difficulty) from the quest “A Merciful End” given by Minova in Broken Hills

Here’s something funny I’ve realized.
I once completed the hidden path quest series. In sanctum of the witch gods, the attendant compliment the taken for completing the hidden path tests.
Then the attendant prepares to bestow the witch gods blessing upon the taken as reward.
My taken’s response was the desperate and eager ‘YES. GIVE ME THE POWER’.

It was all very dramatic.

Then I got 1 skill and attribute point.

I was not impressed.:mad:

Then I remember something about Kasparov’s gift to us.

Kasparov’s experiment quest in the earliest part of the story (where you give him some aether crystal then he performs some harmless experiment on you) is a very easy and short main quest.

and it gives you 1 skill point.:smiley:

I’m kinda shocked by this comparison, then I looked up on lists of skill and attribute point quest rewards on the net which I wrote on top of this post.
The comparison gives us something that could be a great hint in future lore about kasparov.

His quest reward is very easy to get, 1 skill point, 3 times on all difficulties.:slight_smile:

The 3 WG hidden path quest demand us to solve puzzle, searching secret paths, and defeating several powerful bosses and enemies. :frowning: And they give only 1 skill & attribute point, 3 times on all difficulties. :eek: Slightly better quest rewards but it is offset by difficulties and long time to complete the quest.
(This doesn’t include loot from defeated quest enemies btw).

So, my point is:
Kasparov quest reward shows that he probably can almost match the power of the 3 WG.:cool:
I’ll stick with Kasparov over them anyway. He’s generous to players (and may give us some friendly floating sparkling companion crystal, good for lighting up the grimdark atmosphere of GD) and the DC survivors.
The 3 WG is so stingy with their powers (Remember what they did to the original founders of ugdenbog coven?).

Or maybe the 3 WG is only following order of the true god of GD. The box god.:rolleyes:

3 things of note regarding the Hidden Quest:

  1. The MQ becomes super fast to farm once the path is known

  2. The Hidden path bosses drop possibly one of the generally most useful green pants. And are quick to farm

  3. The Sentinel drops a few nice things, although his path is a bit of a pitha

So…that’s a pretty good reward in itself.

And GD is pretty focused on items by design.

Yeah, if compared by the loot you gain from defeating enemies along the quest, of course the hidden path completely owns kasparov’s experiment. Especially if you already mastered the farm routines in hidden path.
The loots are the true rewards from the hidden path quest.

I’m just saying that the end quest reward you get from both quest are pretty similar. Which is kinda funny in itself. Kasparov trying to rival the 3 WG.

Not really. Iirc the Hidden Path was added later than Kasparov’s quest.