The loading screen girl...

Who is she? I don’t remember meeting her through the campaign.
Do we have, uhm, some kind of Witcher-like interactions with her?

No one knows
No we don’t have any Witcher like interaction with anyone

The devs bamboozled us :frowning:

A true witcher screws every attractive woman in sight. Boobs first, monster hunting later.

Unfortunately this is an ARPG.

I’m rolling a new Witchhunter and expecting some hardcore roleplaying, this is bs :mad:


I think, she’s just an art for Necromancer class.

Just like the former loading screen was an art for Occultist class.

It’s Dalia.

Think about it. Similarities are clearly there.

I think it makes more sense that she is Anasteria under her mask.
It’s my canon now.

I dont like this bloody girl

Eh, I get it’s a joke, but not really, it doesn’t make any sense.

But seriously people, the hair, the figure… the striking resemblance. Considering the secret quest.

Speculation is rife.

The loading screen lady?

That’s my Grim Dawn waifu.

There isnt some equipment that looks like her?

Sometimes I wish Grim Dawn would have some more style…

…at least you could recreate the old loading screen with your char (now even easier thanks to those Illusionists!)