The most i like & the least i like

I’ve spending lots of time playing grim dawn in last couple month, finished the game many times in multiple difficulties with two different character, both character have maxed them level to lvl 100. Heres my take about this game…

The most i like: Devotion system
Shit just amazing. the freedom to choose without limited by class or mastery just goddam brilliant. this option let me to cover what i lack from my mastery skills & gear, also it makes my specific build is even better.
idk how them got this fantastic idea, but whoever that was, bruh, give that man a raise!

The least i like: The balance of loot drop
Legendary item is so frikin tough to get before lvl 90, from my both char in total i only got 5 of lvl 50-90 legendaries, but somehow i loot them like its nothing when my lvl are 90+, got tons of them, like 50 of lvl 90+ legendaries. that being said the journey to get lvl 90 in this game is not so exciting, kinda imbalanced. Maybe it just my luck, but whatever it was, it sucks!

In overall this game imo this game is great & also fun, almost as good as Diablo2 & Torchlight2. Better than PoE & van helsing. just my opinion.

Haven’t touched Grim Dawn in weeks and can’t say I miss it. Come to read forums from time to time and yours is pretty accurate. The devotions rock playing the game three times per character gets boring for me too one reason I have it up, some acts just drag on “cough” act 3. Drops are the real breaker cause with out crucible you options of drops come from one shot chest. Then they drop horribly and when they do it’s always the same ones over and over.

I usually play the game with mods like WareBare’s mod or cataclysm. Even if you don’t like modded classes both of these mods increase the number of mobs and I get tons of legendaries just because of the higher density.