The Obsidian Juggernaut's given skill

I’ve been using this weapon since before AoM and I love it and the visuals that the skill it gives the player has. However, I rarely felt like I got a chance to use it with its fairly costly energy cost when I was using Cleave as my main attack. Even with how I am built now with a focus on Cadence I just don’t feel like there is room in my survival rotation to use its ability.

Looking at a different hammer now, the Avenger’s Crusher, it has a similar ability to the Obsidian Juggernaut but with lower damage and is triggered on a chance when you attack. My suggestion is to maybe do something similar for the Obsidian Juggernaut and bring its skill in line with the Avenger’s Crusher. Make the skill an on hit chance trigger and lower the base damage of the skill to help balance that out.

No. Obsidian Juggernaut is fun as it it. Your problem is that you are built for cadence. Obsidian Juggernaut gives a specific spamcast skill for chaos 2handers. At most obsidian tremor needs like +(10-20)% weapon damage.

Obsidian Tremors is a fairly unique ability only sharing the same kind of skill with Winter King’s Might I think and for vastly different damage types. I wouldn’t want to see it become a standard proc.

Cadence and Tremors have vastly different energy requirements. Like Boro said, it’s something you have to consider when making a character for Tremors whereas you can be more lax on energy for a Cadence character. That said, I do think the energy cost on some item-granted spam skills could stand to be lowered a bit.