The outcasts in further difficulties and gear questions

So i’m preparing for ultimate right now nearly done just chaos and aether that isn’t caped in ultimate short a tiny bit. As i am revered with all but black legion i’m thinking that instead of starting the outcasts quests ill just kill the witch for black legion rep, no use doing those quests when i only lose rep to black legion and with my research there nothing i can kill for rep so i need quests and bounties.

But the issue is if i do this on ultimate i know i won’t have access to the rep vendor for the outcasts in ultimate, Can i go back to normal/elite to buy the augments or am i forced to buy like 100-200 of the augments?

For gear farming is it the skeleton key zones thats the best?
And if so should you explore everything to find all hero’s and such or just rush the end bosses?
If it’s the first maybe steps of torment might be better then bastion as i have additional hero spawns for undead even though i can’t kill the last boss in Steps of torment, Bastion has been simple the 10 runs i have done to this point, Sure they were in normal and elite.

The Outcast Augment is a must. If you decide to kill the Witch it will give you access to a small dungeon. She got drop that only her has so it might be worth it (I did it with 2 of my Character) but be 100% sure to buy more than enough of the Augment from her cause she stock some of the top of the line item. Once you turn on her you won’t be able to buy anything from her.

So make sure to have Mandate for your future character
Make sure to have couple of Augment (depending on your gear and how near you are from your final gear) for the Hand/Off-Hand (or 2H) that you need for this specific character.

Stock on the Defensive one (the one with Aether resistance is probably the most used Augment in the game with Survivor Ingeniosity from DC for Jewel) I have character that use Five of them so if I have to swap gear I’m spending them quite fast.

You only need to kill (farm) Outcast if you meet these criteria:

  1. Capped stun resistance. Otherwise you get stunlocked to death.
  2. ~160% fire and aether res. Optional, but will help if you do get hit with 2 Devastations back-to-back while under her -50% total res curse.
  3. The character won’t farm any of the big 3 dungeons, since her quests add a hero to each. They may be annoying at times, especially the archivist at Valbury, but nonetheless they are guarantied hero spawns in already farmable areas.

There is no reason to kill her on your first character basically. Make a frostburn cadence battlemage or something later when you get better gear just for farming her.

The reason to kill her is to get the two black legion quests for more rep with black legion

Which gives what? A rep worth of 2-3 bounties?

Okey then ill help her in ultimate as well and just live with having quests always on tracking since i can’t do them if i want black legion rep.

But about farming will it be best to farm the skeleton key zones or just random zones?
From what i gather here you want many hero’s and bosses so i need to see whats better As i know Steps of torment i can’t complete fully. that boss is just way to tough the rest of the game is so simple compared to him so far. Ultimate might be different.

I killed Anasteria in Veteran and Elite Mode, but let her live in Ultimate. For every quest you do for her you will loose Black Legion Reputation but it is only 1 Bounty Quest and everything is fine again.

What do you want to farm? Experience or items?

I don´t know which level you are but I farmed Royal Hive (Twin Falls), Cronley and Ravna in Elite for Experience (as long as possible) and Legendaries. Was quite successful.