The Paladin Thread

Hail fellow Holy Knights!

Ward here, I thought i would make a place for all us Holy Warriors to gather and discuss future builds, equipment, strategies and an overall hangout for our righteous brethren and sistren (yep that is a real word).

Ah the Paladin, the name conjures images of Holy Warriors fighting and seeking out and purging Evil. Dragon nemesis, undead hunters and magic slayers.

Surely crate knew this Special Class would call many to it’s devotion.

So if you are planning a future Paladin i hope you will stop in and say “Hi”. All the veterans and anyone who has been hoping for a Paladin Class (Were looking at you el critico) :smiley: please pull up a chair, grab a brew and share some ideas and stories.

Lets all have a great time!

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Well the Virtue set strongly supports fire so there’s a starting point. Aura of Censure is a natural pick although it doesn’t have total synergy with Aegis because Aegis is a ranged skill and AoC is more melee-optimal. Inquisitor Seal does have good ranged synergy and some synergy with shields in terms of total flat damage reduction.

More synergies:

  • Word of Renewal with Increased Healing
  • Vire’s Might with AoC
  • Arcane Empowerment with Retaliation Damage added to Attack


  • Inquisitor’s ranged focus with Shattering Smash (presumably melee-only)

I am surprised this was not started by el critico :wink:

I must say that the Retaliation Damage added to Attack feature in general has the potential to be massively abused through the Stoneguard set. Paladin can actually exploit this through pierce bonuses and RR (as can NB). It might be worth looking up Superfluff’s old Ravager retaliator for some build ideas.

I’m surprised el critico wasn’t the first to post. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have no idea what you just started:D

Well, with any luck it’ll keep all the Paladin worshippers in one thread and not clogging up the rest of the forum. :wink:

So you are all probably guilty of playing Hammerdins and Shield Charging Paladins back in the day.

I want a zealot build so bad

Not to mention the ice cool Paladins of TQIT. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised el critico wasn’t the 14th to post.

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Yeah, but when he does find the thread he’ll be here non-stop. :smiley:

I divinely commend you fellow Holy Knight. I can sense a pureness in heart, devoid of any moral corruption. Let this thread be a burning shining example to all aspiring knights and a fiery furnace of death to those who oppose us!

Let us congregate here as the day of reckoning of our enemies draws near!

You cant have all. We share our noble tasks. All holy knights! We are united and we are one. Thats the holy spirit for you. :wink:

You starting to sound like kymons, and those are no paladins. Real paladins stay quiet and act, no preaching. Only those that that stay behind in the comfort of their temple preach. Paladins have seen shit

As much as my childhood WC playing self loves a paldin, one of my first builds will be a Corrupted Paladin that destroys, one that sees the truth, and spite such self righteous threads:)

SuperF, mamba, medea,powbam and the rest of you here. dont deny it guys. I can sense that you have the the paladin spirit in you I can tell. Enlist now! Repent of your sins! It’s never too late to change your unholy ways! :wink:

Now this thread motivates me even more to preach this gospel. when paladin officially comes out. Builds will roll, Enemies heads will roll and you will know what it means to cross paths with a paladin. You will regret choosing the wrong masteries! So side with us now!

god knows how many d2 paladin builds I have made.

SuperF thats a shame cuz I will make sure to put some holy water in you to knock you out of your heresy. I will counter you with my very own holy build. Though its unfair cause you are cheating. Before I even get my hands on a paladin youd probably have dozens of them builds already! :eek:

Personally I’m leaning towards a Shieldbreaker for my first toon. Paladin will be a fair way down my playlist since for me Inquisitor is always ranged and I can’t see much synergy (as yet) between that and a melee based Oathkeeper.