The Perfect Farming Route

That I’ve found is endless Cronley/Shrine of the Forgotten God runs.

You start up with Cronley, farming Fabius/Cronley as much as you please. You pick up all dynamite and Aether Shards/-Crystals.

You make more dynamite then you go runs down to the Shrine of the Forgotten God, doing 100 runs will statistically net you an average of 11,875 legendaries per 100 when turned in at the Tyrant’s Hold blacksmith. One run takes about 2 mins, skipping all the mobs except Manticores.

Also Manticores are guarding the stash so you can get lots of Manticore Eyes.

Which you’ll never use because there’s barely a use for them. My trove runner has about 30 now and that number will only increase.

Oh my, over 11 thousand legendaries! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty boring to do though. Runs through Bastion of Chaos are more interesting and maybe just as rewarding. I’d say Steps too, but that’s a chore to get to in the first place.

Oops, european style of commation there haha, I mean’t 11.875 for you of an emperial inheritence

Well I know, the eyes are just a bonus, anyway I think itäs a good route with both Nemesis spawn and Trove… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve got more than 100 on different chars. It’s a pitty they can’t be transformed into other purple mats or used directly for random legs.

One easy solution for devs would be to change blueprint for Badge of Mastery, so that it requires Manticore Eyes instead of Ancient Hearts. :wink:

Anyway, almost 12 legendaries on average in 200 min, that’s a pretty good farm though, right?

This has been my farming route for a couple weeks now and I love it. Normally I do Cronley runs until I have a 100 dynamite and then I do shrine runs. Rinse, repeat. Not always the most exciting but very rewarding. You also get a sexy BS’ing bonus on the craft purples.

Only sticky part is if you’re not able to kill ult Fab but there are ways around that

Not that this has anything to do with the topic at hand but if you guys need Aether Crystals I found a good farm path for that last night.

Portal to Warden’s Lab, go backwards and hit that entire area all the way to the Devotion shrine. Takes about 5 minutes (with my build) and you get around 12 or so aether crystal clusters, plus 1-5 heroes depending.

Then go to Burial Cave portal and clear the clusters there (3-5 of them) then enter Burial Cave for another 4 clusters and a boss and sometimes a hero or two.

You can also add in the small Aether area just east of the Arkovian Foothills Rift, there’s generally 1-5 clusters there and it adds on 2-3 minutes.

Takes about 10 minutes depending on your build and you get about 20 clusters on average, so a decent/easy way to build those up if you need em for crafting or changing devotions. Also a few chances at legendary stuff via heroes and the one boss.

Nice! Yeah I love this farm too, playing on HC now so it’s a nice way to gear for BoS and Log

That is half of my run, after Shrine I visit Hallowed Hill for the 2nd trove and then a Gollus kill for ring+chest.

I’ve been sticking to Bloodgrove my crystal farming and going to Stonerend Quarry. I think it gets over looked a lot because of the aether fire on the ground, but I haven’t had too many issues with it. I can clear the place is about 5-8 minutes with my AAR sorcerer (which seems to be a little on the slow side compared to other builds for clearing speeds). There is a good number of aether crystals and two dynamites there plus the purple hulk boss (not as good at dropping legs as Fab, but I don’t do as well vs Fab anyways and I’ve still have gotten some legs to drop). There’s also a few heroes in there as well each time. Its a pretty quick and easy loop to get through.

I do find farming crystals a much quick way to get dynamite than farming straight dynamite… As just one run through the quarry usually gets me 1-2 shards and 10-12 crystals. Converting the crystals to shards at 3-4 so around 4-6 shards each run is the same as 12-18 sticks of dynamite (plus the 2 from the run). Does cost the ember and plate as well, but both of those seem easy to come by as I still have 200+ plates and 100+ embers…

The reason I like my run is the ease of it, I don’t really have to worry about dying. When I’m by aether pools I do have to worry about it. But I will keep your run in mind because it will change things up. Also the last time I fought that boss in Elite I died, so I don’t really want to face him in Ultimate lol.

Might help I’m a caster so I can blast mobs outside of the pools and mirror helps me run though the pools to get to where I need to go… I had a hard time with him in elite too, but now that I have 80% of the BiS gear for my sorcerer, things are much easier… Will be even better if I can get an outcast’s secret… Fab gives me issues, so don’t really like running into him… So staying out of Fab’s path helps… Moose and Valderian or more up my alley…

Yeah I’m melee bleeding build so lol. Moose was so tough for me last night, first time I fought him and in Ultimate. I’m no where near BiS so it was tough. Took me an hour and 5 deaths cause of his stupid freeze things.

I’ve been farming stuff for quite a lot and found a good all-round route.
It includes:

  • Arkovian foothills to Fabius and Moose spawns (3 spawns + 3-5 aether crystals)
  • Full run to Cronley from old Arkovia + other Fabius spawns till I find him (lots of bosses + dynamite + cronley’s ring)
  • Twin Falls beehive + Moose spawns and Undercity till Killrian (killrians component, lots of heroes, throve)
  • Pine Barrens run to Mogara + Bloodbriar + Spider (3 bosses + chipped claws)
  • Salazr + Gutworm (chests + Benn’jharr spawn)
  • Hallowed hill (throve + aether crystals)
  • Warden (heroes, crystals, Valdaraan spawns)
  • Shrine of the forgotten gods throve
  • First and last chtonic rifts (bosses + 2 throves + Benn’jharr spawns + chipped claws)
  • Royal Hives (bosses, Gollus)

In summary it takes a lot of time, up to 2 hours, but what I get:

  • good amount of iron bits (you need a lot for legendaries and greenies crafting)
  • good amount of mats (e.g. cronley runs or undead runs give no mats)
  • variety of different components, especially chipped claws (I hate this thing, but this is the most valuable thing for me now)
  • some good MIs possible (I have vet dreams of incorruptible Cronley’s Signet of Readiness)
    - it is not as boring and repetitive as 100 Shrine runs!

Chipped claws are the most valuable component because everything worth crafting requires either straight up chipped claws, severed claws that require 4 chipped ones to make. Then there is olerons blood which requires 4 severed claws… which is used in for instance badge of mastery. So many claws required, they’re the only component I have run out of, meanwhile I have 500+ armor plates just sitting there.

Might I recommend putting the Pine Grove/Tyrant run for last? If you set it as the last part of your run, you can decide based on how many mats you have if you want to go all the way to Tyrant’s, grab its Trove, and then hit the Legendary Smith + the boss. It also gets you 2 more dynamite (One more, after you count in the Tyrant’s Trove), and the boss can drop a 3rd dynamite or even better an Ancient Heart.

That’s what I do on my farming circle, I save Tyrant’s area for last to craft legendary stuff.

I don’t see much sense in going Tyrant’s Hold to craft 2 legendaries. I usually wait untill I can do 10 or so. But this is also an option.