The Ranger of Beronath - Dual Wield Melee/Ranged Hybrid

The Ranger of Beronath - Dual Wield Melee/Ranged Hybrid


Legends tell of the great beast Beronath, who wielded the power of many elements and could strike with devastating attacks at foes both near and afar. The Rangers of Beronath channel the great beast in their combat prowess, able to wield both swords and guns with equal effectiveness, and can attack their enemies with an unstoppable repertoire of damage types.


This is a Blademaster build that can dual-wield both melee weapons and ranged weapons and actually performs well at both. The build can take down groups of enemies at range with its dual pistols, and then switch to these bad boys and go toe to toe with enemies up close. This build has a highly dynamic playstyle, able to switch at a moment’s notice from ranged to melee and back to tactically take advantage of distance, positioning, and enemy characteristics.

Mechanics and Gameplay

This build started with a question: can we stack flat damage of a variety of types, rather than focusing on a single or few types, and boost with bonuses to All Damage, and end up with an effective build? There are a few reasons for doing this. First, by stacking damage of many types, we are far less vulnerable to high enemy resistances than if we focused on a damage type, and are far less reliant on resistance reduction to deal effective damage. In essence, we can sidestep tough resistances by ensuring that at least some portion of our damage gets through.

The second reason for stacking different damage types is that it lets us choose the most efficient sources of flat damage. The most powerful skills for stacking flat damage in the game are Deadly Momentum and Lethal Assault. Both give more than twice or even three times the amount of flat damage of other comparable skills, such as Flame Touched, Solael’s Witchfire, or Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange. In this build, we try to overlevel both of these skills and keep both buffs active, while using Cadence for a large weapon damage multiplier of our flat damage.

Using this variety of damage types does come with a price, as there are much bigger damage bonuses available for specific damage types than All Damage. We try to get as much +% All Damage from gear and devotions as we can, and while we don’t get close to the values that a dedicated damage-type build can achieve, it is compensated by our large flat damage and our enemy resistance avoidance.

In gearing for this build, two weapons caught my eye: Havoc pistols, for +3 to Deadly Momentum, and Beronath Reforged, for its high flat damage, damage variety, and large bonuses to All damage (plus it looks awesome and I’ve been meaning to make a build for them). The skills used in this build, including Cadence and Amarasta’s Blade Burst, work well for both melee and ranged weapons, and the concept of damage variety complements the mixing of ranged and melee because Piercing conversion is no longer a drawback and using weapons with different damage types can be just as effective. Thus this build was born.

The combination of ranged and melee work surprising well. Cadence with ranged weapons has 100% to pierce enemies, so you can tactically position or kite to create long lines of enemies for glorious piercing hits, while the melee weapons let us fight just as effectively in close quarters and gives us higher single target damage for bosses. Overall, the build is fun to play in either mode, and being able to switch between ranged or melee adds another element of tactics that is very enjoyable.

Skills, Devotions and Attributes

Full build without +skills

Full build with +skills, Melee loadout

Full build with +skills, Ranged loadout


We want to overlevel Deadly Momentum and Lethal Assault as much as possible for huge flat damage bonuses to Physical, Acid, and Cold damage. Cadence is our main attack skill and gives us a large weapon damage multiplier for our flat damage and also gives us 100% Piercing for our ranged attacks with Fighting Form maxed, as well as a 3-target hit for melee. We pick up Field Command and Squad Tactics for great stats on OA, DA, armor, attack speed, and All Damage, Pnuematic Burst for heal and total speed with Shadow Dance for avoidance and DA, and Veil of Shadow and Night’s Chill for some resistance reduction. Fighting Spirit is also a great boost to our damage while active. Picking up a point in Shadow Strike or Blitz is also great for mobility, but keep in mind it will only work with melee weapons equipped.

It is also entirely reasonable to stop the Nightblade mastery points at 20 to have more free skill points. In that case, more skill points in Pneumatic Burst to 12, WPS like Belgothian Shears or Amarasta’s Quick Cut or Veil of Shadow are all good choices.

Skills to overlevel:

Deadly Momentum
Lethal Assault

Skills to max:

Oleron’s Rage - 12 points
Fighting Form - 12 points
Field Command and Squad Tactics - 12 points
Military Conditioning - 11 points
Pneumatic Burst - 10 points
Shadow Dance - 12 points
Scars of Battle - 8 points
Phantasmal Armor - to cap pierce resist

Low-investment Skills

WPS skills - Markovian, Zolhan’s, Belgothians
Soldier passives - Decorated Soldier, Fighting Spirit
Dual Blades
Elemental Awakening
Veil of Shadow
Nightblade passives - Anatomy of Murder, Merciless Repertoire


Devotions are a good source of +% All Damage, and we aim to get as much as we can here by taking Jackal, Raven, Lion, Panther, and Scales. Manticore gives us Acid Spray, a great source of resistance reduction for all damage types, and boosts Acid damage, one of our highest damage types. The rest of the devotions give us plenty of resists, armor, health, and survivability. I chose to pick up Light of Empyrion to fill gaps in resistances, but if you have gear that lets you cap resistances, Tree of Life provides more survivability.


Put most points into physique, with some in Spirit to equip gear. I have 9 in Spirit.

Here’s the stats on the build for the melee and ranged versions. Pictures are with Lethal Assault and Deadly Momentum up:

Stats with all buffs up:


Weapons (Melee): Beronath Reforged - Haunted Steel / Shard of Beronath + Essence of Ch’thon / Oleron’s Fervor
Weapons (Ranged): Havoc - Haunted Steel / Oleron’s Blood + Essence of Ch’thon / Oleron’s Fervor
Head: Warborn Visor - Sanctified Bone + 10%A
Chest: Warborn Chestguard - Kilrian’s Shattered Soul + 7%A/7A%C
Pants: Deathwhisper Leggings - Ancient Armor Plate + 7%A/7A%C
Shoulders: Purging Zantarin’s Shoulderguards of Kings - Scaled Hide + 10%A
Gloves: Iceskorn Talons - Consecrated Wrapping + 7%A/7A%C
Boots: Elite Harvest Footpads - Mark of Mogdrogen + 7%A/7A%C
Belt: Blade Breaker Sash - Antivenom Salve + 15%P&A
Amulet: Peerless Eye of Beronath - Dread Skull + Survivor’s Perseverance
Ring 1: Closed Fist of Vengeance - Corpse Dust + Survivor’s Ingenuity
Ring 2: Open Hand of Mercy - Corpse Dust + Survivor’s Ingenuity
Medal - Badge of Mastery +5 Cadence - Dread Skull
Relic - Plunderer’s Talisman


The core of the build are the weapons. Beronath Reforged has high damage but over a variety of damage types, which is perfect for this build. It also has a high bonus to aAll damage along with a proc that gives more All damage, which is perfect for this build. The downside is no innate attack speed, so we have to stack attack speed elsewhere to make up for that.

Havoc pistols are sort of the opposite case. They have great attack speed bonuses, but no bonuses to All damage. They do have +3 to Deadly Momentum on each, which is great for boosting physical flat damage. Overall, the DPS with both weapons ends up coming out similarly.

We use Iceskorn Talons, Zantarin’s Shoulderguards and Deathwhisper Leggings to boost Lethal Assault, and Warborn gear to boost Soldier skills and Deadly Momentum. The rest of the gear gives us useful resists, skills, and stats. Plunderer’s Talisman is necessary to dual-wield guns, and in this build is actually a good fit, with flat damage, +% All damage, and + Total speed. We also use the Judicator’s rings for a source of x% Reduced Resistances, which applies across all damage types and is very useful to us.

Suggestions for other gear are welcome.

Closing remarks

Happy to get feedback and suggestions! Typically, trying for a hybrid melee/ranged build results in gimping both and one being stronger than the other. This build naturally fits both modes in, and neither feels weaker than the other. They offer different strengths and tactical options, and switching between melee and ranged is a fun and engaging part of the build.

Leveling Guide

I prefer to level my characters in the spirit of the final build, rather than a radically different playstyle that may be easier. Since this is a dual-wield build, we will start that way with 1 point in Dual Blades. You can also and can pick up one of the items that allow us to dual wield pistols, listed below in the equipment section. Note that you don’t actually have to dual-wield guns. A two-handed ranged weapon will work just as well. I use two pistols specifically because of the Havoc pistols bonus to Deadly Momentum.

Levels 1 - 10
Pick up Amarasta’s Blade Burst (ABB), which provides some nice AOE ability. Then level up the Nightblade Mastery to get Lethal Assault and max that. Use ABB as your main attack with either melee or ranged (it works for both). By level 10, you skills should look like this:

Levels 11 - 20
Pick up 10 points in Pneumatic Burst for a good boost to attack speed, movement speed and healing. 1 point in Shadow Strike is good for a mobility skill, but keep in mind it doesn’t work with ranged weapons equipped. I would then start building Solider skills. Get 1 point in the mastery and level up Cadence to 16. Once you get Cadence, your playstyle changes. I put ABB on my right mouse button, and use it every 4 seconds to keep up Lethal Assault, and put Cadence on my left click button and use that for all of my attacks in between. This gives you a large buff in damage from Lethal Assault, which is multiplied by the high damage multiplier of Cadence. This is basically the core playstyle of the build all the way through max level. 1 point in Blitz is also optional if you like two rush skills, but not necessary.

Levels 21 - 30
At this point I would get some passives such as Fighting Spirit and Markovian Advantage and get ABB to level 5 to bring your AOE strike to 100% weapon damage. Then level up Soldier mastery in order to max Fighting Form, which now gives your ranged Cadence shots 100% to pierce. Here the ranged combat will begin to shine. Watch your Cadence buff and line up your enemies in a straight line, then watch your Cadence hits pierce through all of them!

Levels 31 - 43
Level up the Soldier mastery until you get to Deadly Momentum and max it. This will give you another always-on buff that boosts your damage greatly. At this point, you should have no problem with DPS. This build is fairly complete at this point in terms of damage output. We will focus next on getting more utility and tankiness.

Levels 44 - 60
Pick up 2 points in Phantasmal Armor for a nice armor boost, max Military Conditioning for a big boost to health, and get 1 point in Field Command and max Squad Tactics for a big boost to All damage and attack speed. Here we want to get some more resistance reduction, as enemies will start to get tougher. Pick up Veil of Shadow and Night’s Chill, at 3 and 8 points. Pick up points in Scars of Battle, and Fighting Spirit for more All Damage.

Levels 61 - 75
Max Field Command, then max Solider mastery and start on Oleron’s Rage for a big boost to OA and movement speed.

Levels 75 - 85
Finish maxing Oleron’s Rage, then max Shadow Dance for nice avoidance and DA, then add more to Nightblade and get 1 point in Blade Barrier for an “oh-crap” skill.

This build guide assumes no +skills. As you get +skills, just move skill points around according to the skill guide in the first post.

Pre-endgame Gear

This build is actually not at all gear-dependent. We get huge bonuses to damage via our skills, and Devotions provide most of our boosts to +% All Damage. The flat damage we can stack from Lethal Assault and Deadly Momentum, plus the fact that we don’t care about what damage type we are dealing, means that it will actually work with just about any weapon. The most important stat to look for is actually +% Attack speed, as that let’s us hit with our high flat damage more often. That stat is readily available on gear of all rarities though. Of course, there are non-empowered versions of the empowered items listed here as well.

Following is a list of Epic, faction vendor or craftable gear. Some good weapons for the build are listed, and I note some armor which is easily obtainable and has +% All damage. Armor is otherwise simple: just get more good stats. Look for the affixes Of Kings and Dominators for more +% All Damage. The items required to enable dual-wielding of pistols is also listed below, though again a two-handed ranged weapon also works fine.

Weapons (Melee): Elite Legion Firestarter, Empowered Duelist’s Sabre, Empowered Omen, Tyrants/Relentless/Officer’s/Plaguebearer’s (Crafted or Rare Sword or Dagger) of Voracity/Fury/Alacrity
Weapons (Ranged Pistols): Elite Death’s Revolver, Empowered 3rd Company’s Revolver, Burrwitch Peacekeeper, Tyrants/Relentless/Officer’s/Plaguebearer’s (Crafted or Rare Pistol) of Voracity/Fury/Alacrity
Weapons (Ranged Two-Handed): Empowered Boltspitter, Brimstone Repeater, Flame-Keeper’s Repeater, Tyrants/Relentless/Officer’s/Plaguebearer’s (Crafted or Rare Rifle) of Voracity/Fury/Alacrity
Head: Elite Death’s Headguards
Gloves: Elite Rhowari Handguards
Boots: Desecrator Treads

Dual-wielding Ranged:
Gunslinger’s Jacket, Marauder’s Ammo Belt, Barrelsmith’s Salvo and Crossfire, or the Gunslinger’s Talisman.

Very nice concept :slight_smile:

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All these Warborn builds which will be nerfed this very week :smiley:

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Nice build and unusual concept, didnt saw someone uses light of empirion devotion for ages :slight_smile:
Tho bit low on dps considering is cadence+lethal combo. Are those pics with Deadly momentum and lethal assault up? Can you post some dummy kill time?

P.S. Did you tried dual wielding arcanium sigillis?

I dont think this builds relays much on WB set items.

And on the side note: Is it confirmed that WB will be nerfed?

it’s even worse then :eek:

only Praetorians know, but not me :smiley: it’s just a guess based on the last Misadventure where Zantao mentioned they will tone down OP sets, and the most builds using WB will show on the forums, the most likely it’ll get imo

Sorry for off topic: I had a feeling it would happen. There goes some work i did:) i’ll wait ti’ll after the patch then to see what happens.

That’s awesome!

I am leveling a ranged Blademaster dual wielding Havoc and dealing physical/piercing/bleeding, but your idea of adding in cold and acid is pretty neat. I might give it a try.

PS: where does the lightning and fire damage come from on the second picture?

Why the points into Mehnir’s Will? It is for shield or two handed only.

Nice build! I have been looking for a build to use the Beronath Reforged sword.

I also have my money on nerfing of WB set :cry:

That looks pretty good. Thanks!

Thanks! The Warborn is not core to the build, it provides some useful skills but other items would suffice.

Thanks. The DPS is going to show up lower than a single damage type build. We can’t stack nearly the same amount of All damage as a single damage type. It is perhaps a bit better than sheet DPS would indicate because we are less affected by high resistance to a single damage type. It does feel a bit more consistent in performance across monster types. Whereas my dedicated Aether builds noticeably slow down when I get to Flesh Hulks and Aetherwarped monsters, and my bleeding builds are slow with the undead, this build goes through them with equal pace - though slightly slower than an unresisted single damage type build would be.

Those pics are with Deadly Momentum and Lethal Assault up. This build isn’t great for dummy times, as I think the dummy has evenly high resistance to all damage types. Also, single target in general is a bit weaker, and any suggestions on that front are welcome. Perhaps a middle ground with a bit more emphasis on a few damage types would help.

Haven’t tried those guns. It wasn’t meant to be strictly an elemental build, and I think I like the Deadly Momentum skill boosts on Havoc more.

Why is it worse to not be reliant on that set?

Thanks! Beronath Reforged has both lightning and fire damage, and we also have some flat fire damage from the Light of Empyrion devotion.

Whoops, didn’t read that closely enough. It’s only 1 point, but I will take it out and reallocate it.

I don’t think missing the WB set will impact this build too much.

I think so to, its hard to go that wide on dmg types and be efficient. Its next to impossible to stack multiple rr that way and rr is king of the game.

Added leveling guide and suggestions for easily obtainable non-endgame gear for the build.

Looks fun, probably give this one a try. Thanks. :slight_smile: