The Saga of the Aura MP Kill Bug

Squashing this bug will make me very happy. Almost as happy as reinstating auras on components!

Aside, as a recreational coder, I’d love to learn what was causing it.

It should get a rogue dungeon of its own

In a hilarious turn of events, this bug was causing my anti-troll troll build (Balrog, the Witchblade bloody pox aggro puller) to indirectly troll everyone due to his 6 auras (Citadel appeared to be the one slaying my team mates) and causing me to be banned from countless multiplayer matches without even realizing what I did wrong HAHA!

The irony was classic.

YES please that!

Oh yeas.
Furthermore I miss a low level component which grants a lesser ring of everlasting flame aura. Or in general components which grant DoT auras.

+1, I guess that would be great indeed.