The secret superboss detected

Manifestation of Korvaak - I’m the main boss of Forgotten Gods!
Keynen, Burnheart - Hold my beer


Keinen Korvaak? Ja Keynen, Keynen :stuck_out_tongue:


Du hast Keine Butthurt von Änderungen in den SR.


Just get more resistance reduction. Easy :scorv:

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Meh. Everyone knows its better to mix damage with some bleed or poison not to be mono damaging


I had immortal Brother Segarius spawn in Crucible 164. My build was Pyran SB with 115 fire RR. Of course, Resistant mutator was active, making things worse, but just so you people know, it happened in Now this build has 10 less RR, which totally wouldn’t improve anything, Seriously, this 300% resistance business should go - at least for Crucible and SR. I had to kill myself to get at least something.

P.S. I have a video, but I guess the only way to show it is to upload it to YT?

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or use streamable, it’s fast and doesn’t require an account. (the videos remain for 3 months)

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Blocked in my country, lol!

Edit: man, uploading vids to YT is hard nowadays. Asks you if it’s appropriate for children and shit. Anyway, take a hard look at damage numbers. It was probably lightning damage from Heavy Ordnance =)


GD Community: tends to try and keep builds focused on bolstering and supporting one damage type, because it’s generally way more practical/efficient/gearable



try Vimeo I think that was easy to use

btw I would remove medal so your mortar deals some physical damage, just in that battle :slight_smile:

I get your idea, but that’s really twisted if player is supposed to re-convert their skills on-the-go. Imagine fighting this guy AND Reaper, while deciding what piece of equipment to remove, while not being sustained bt 5k health regen =)

P.S. I’m using Mark of Divinity medal. I find mortar medal boooooring.