The Sentinel thread


I noticed there was a Paladin thread going, so why not make one for the mastery combination i am looking forward to.

I am hoping there is a possibility to make a viable acid/poison specced character of some sort. As far as i know, there is a transmuter for the Aegis throwing shield ability, suggesting that there should at least be some synergy between the two masteries.

What are your expectations from the Sentinel?

I hope we can farm existing Sentinel for his set like Krieg`s one

Yeah, that would be nice. Just with a higher drop chance than the blueprints he currently drops :rolleyes:

That set will probably drop in the 4 roguelikes (one specific piece for each dungeon) and it’s either a random drop across the dungeon or a boss-specific drop. If it’s the first case then it’s gonna be EZ farm.

Sentinel wears 6 pieces of equipment, we can get his helm so that’s 5 pieces left. It cant be a 4 piece set for rouge-likes cause it will be a bit strange thematicly like whats the reason behind it?

Pieces will likely be rogue specific. From the 27th July stream:

"vIumboJumbo11 :So each rogue like going to have there own set. Or shared between all of them?

Each rogue will drop a piece of a shared item set. So if you want to get piece A of a set you’ll do Steps of Torment, B Port Valbury, etc."

Depends if it’s the exclusive Legendary set for SR or not though.

"EvilBaka :When/how do you get the exclusive Legendary set from the shattered realm?

It’s based on your progression. There are certain thresholds that if you meet you’ll get a piece of the set and the deeper you go you’ll get another piece of the set and another piece until you complete the set."

So it’s like Witchblade, but with Oathkeeper instead of Soldier?

I approve :cool:


A Krieg-type set sounds promising. And hopefully, a shield included or at least a standalone Sentinel / poison themed shield would be a nice addition to what is currently available.

Here’s another build I’m looking forward too. I am interested in a tanky poison type.

Except Oathkeeper will actually have acid support. Phys sentinel will also be good, though. Depending on what other phys skills (RR) OK has.

Lots of juicy new info in the last dev stream. Autoattack replacer with vit and poison transmuter in addition to the pet, also with an appropriate transmuter.

I am thinking the blightlord set could possibly be aimed at the sentinel.

Can’t wait!

I must admit I almost fell off my chair when analyzing acid capabilities with oathkeeper and seeing it in action
just so good to imagine the posssibilties of joining with Dreeg. It seems sentinel is a very good combination afterall only slightly weaker than my dear fave.

I have no doubt that sentinel will be good. The transmuter at oathkeeper skill is awesome. The gameplay might be almost the same as the generic melee witchblade I guess, but with acid instead phys.

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Yeah, seems so. Excactly what i was hoping for.

Actually 1 of the builds that came into my (twisted) mind is shaman+oathkeeper (can’t remember the name) 2 of those ugdenbog MI guns that boost devouring swarm rr and vit autoattack replacer from oathkeeper. It could be done also with oathkeeper + occultist and acid version ofthose guns (the attack could be left untrasmuted since the elemental part is already transmuted by guns) or oathkeeper+ nightblade and transmuter.

Off to the Archon thread with you :wink:

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How can you call it generic when a shield throw is involved…

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I am wondering if the Dreeg-sect legguards ( can be more useful than they are now. The acid retaliation stat on them should be something certain Sentinel builds would find appealing. Of course, they still have to compete with other MI leggings, with possible +skills to Oathkeeper.