The state of the Shattered Realms

Hello everyone,
Just to add an opinion on the subject, i would like to talk about the new mode (i know i know, not the most original thread).

The reason is that, unfortunately for me, Shattered Realms are a failure. This game mode is basically a much better crucible, however, it does not have the advantages or positive of a Rogue Dungeon.

  • The difficulty of the Shattered Realms is over the top. All my characters are Lvl100 full legendaries. They all can finish any rogue dungeon without breaking a sweat. Most of them can facetank the Mad Queen and kill her between 10-20 seconds.
    Still, with the fatal combination of some bosses, in a very small arena, my heroes can melt in a few seconds and there is very few things i can do.
    If the god of RNG is not on your side->Dead.

  • It’s not very interesting. The wave of ennemies are an annoyance, just a means to an end. In this context, the ennemies have no identities, no traits. They’re in your way, that’s all…
    The ancient grove is a level done right, some rich avoidable areas that spawns bosses (Lost Reliquary), some ennemies asking for various strategy (Slathsarr, Deathstalker, …). Much more interesting.

  • Let’s talk about tactics & strategy? You can’t facetank massive damage->Dead. No other way. Warlordzzz Welcome!

  • It’s not profitable enough. I dare not see how much time i lose in these realms but the time/reward is really bad compared to Rogue dungeons. The risk of being wiped several times by the same ennemies very real, the waystones & shrines are expensive.
    At the end of this long and painful job? Very few legendaries and a shattered Realm piece of armor (ok, the amulet is really nice).
    I have much more legendaries for a quarter of the time, energy & difficulty in any rogue dungeon.
    I guess the Realms are only profitable for the sturdiest builds.
    Unfortunately, i feel the “old” rogue dungeons don’t deliver the new forgotten gods legendaries (maybe i’m mistaken?).

For me, the solution would be to have a new Rogue dungeon. At this point, i don’t care if i have to pay for this, the shattered Realms mode simply do nothing for me. Considering the game is shorter than Ashes of Malmouth, it’s a bit of a disappointment (although there are other very good things).

Not native english speaker here, i hope it was not too bad to read.

It has been discussed before. To sum it up, SR will be updated to be less random, with less nasty Boss combinations. Be sure to report what combinations you struggled with to help the devs iron out the balance.

For example, Anasteria is a real outliner for me, way more difficult, even all by herself, than two-three of any other boss, at shard level 40.

This combination in that small room. I really hate it.

  1. SR was designed for a section of the playerbase that demanded a more challenging content than the Crucible. It’s not really meant for everyone tbh.

  2. The balancing issues of SR particularly at the early levels have been noted and Big Z has confirmed the next patch will change things. To what degree we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. A new rogue-like dungeon is coming out for people like us. As one would expect it’s a rogue dungeon exclusive to Forgotten Gods areas. We lack details about it right now, even the release date is not clear. However we do know that Riggs has a quest that will take place in the new Rogue Dungeon.

It’s nice you took the time to make this thread. Quite frankly it’d be great if more people would speak up about their experience with SR so that can balance it accordingly.

1 - My biggest problem is the map: a bad map can screw you over even if the bosses themselves are accessible because they are within range and jump @ you from the get go. I have lots of problems with multiple monsters @ the same time, with few exceptions.

2 - The range with which the bosses come @ you is variable, even in the same map: in that Port Valbury “clone map” i get back as soon as the chunk starts and, usually, no monster comes @ me right away but, sometimes, two monsters come @ me immediately, before i’m able to back away, which can be very problematic depending on which monsters. Same thing happens in that Fleshworks “clone map”. I try advancing little by little so as to pull only one of the monsters and then retreat all the way back to be able to fight that monster only but if more than one are pulled, it gets quite tricky.

3 - Upon death, the monsters get their health back which isn’t a problem but what IS a problem is that their casts remain meaning, as soon as you re-enter the map, you get bombarded with stuff that was cast before you died. Those poison monsters, like Slathsarr are very bad because of this.