The things I do not like in the game

as the title suggests, I compile here a list of things in the game I do not like.
Hopefully it is not too late in the development of the coming expansion to eventually avoid those ‘issues’.
Also, consider I like all the rest

  1. Boss design: some of them are ok (like Krieg or Cronley). But who finds the fight versus Loghorrean actually interesting or funny ?
    See also next point.

  2. As a corollary: 1 Shoot mechanism, mostly at Lucius, some other monsters can be quite punitive as well (but somewhat less).
    Long time ago I started a discussion on him, and I still think this (same issue playing this build: and moving all the time)

  3. Balance: not talking about item designs as they are constantly reviewed, but about monsters (mostly boss/nemesis). Most build will have a somewhat easy time versus certain boss/nemesis, and a very hard time against others. This is really bad. All monsters should have a similar level of difficulty.
    They must play differently with different skills (as they are, that is good), but present a similar difficulty for a given character/difficulty/level.

For those 3 points, which are similar in the main subject, one can criticise Diablo 3 for several things (and there is a reason I’m playing Grim Dawn, rather than Diablo 3), yet I very much like their boss fights. As per point 3: they are all very different, yet they present an overall similar difficulty.
And any decent character/build can kill them (by decent I mean carefully crafted).

3b) As a corollary: Crucible: only very specific build can reach the end. Forget about playing a build you have fun with. Obliged to play one of the few specific build that can do it.

  1. Attributes: all physique. Why are attributes there at first ? A new player, who does not know well the game will naturally put points in spirit and cunning and discover very late his character is screwed. At this point he will be discouraged and disappointed. Granted we now have a potion, yet a very unique and rare one. Some players may search whats happening, but most won’t even bother and abandon the game.
    (I know every character will put some points in cunning/spirit, yet it does not feel natural for a caster to place points in physique - I know this is a big discussion for this game, and, in my opinion, a huge shortcoming).

  2. Rogue like dungeons: not talking exclusively about the ones requiring a skeleton key but those chaos rifts. Granted they are related to side-quest, yet for softcore player it feels bad to have to pass by some part of the game.
    5b) Even worse: in Malmouth you have to go through a 2 levels rogue like dungeon … no choice here.
    I’m a softcore player for a reason, do not force me in rogue like gameplay. Leave it to the “Hardcore” option.

Maybe I will add some more later.

gonna address your points one by one.

1: log isn’t meant to be particularly hard, he’s meant to be the gate to elite/ultimate. it’s not a fight that’s overly complex or difficult.

2: if you’re getting one shot by lucius, and the watcher variants in port valbury, you need more aether resistance, that attack is tankable. Any attack in Grim Dawn that generally does a ton of damage usually has a 2 second or more wind up so you can move out of the way. one of the few exceptions to this rule is Fabius the “Unseen” Gonzar if he spawns equipped with the notched bone of a thousand deaths.

3: uh, no, balance is not every build can do everything equally, not good balance anyways. certain combos and builds will have an easier time with some things than other builds will. IE, a commando might have an easier time with fabius than say a ritualist. Also as someone who’s taken dozens of builds into ultimate, the main story content IS doable with reasonably constructed builds.

3b: if your talking 170, if you’re going strictly for the loot stopping at 150 is fine and MANY builds are capable of Gladiator 150, going beyond 150 for loot is pointless as you gain very little extra loot for a great deal more effort expended. Really the only reason to try and attempt clearing 170 is just to Auto-fellate your own e-peen.

4: I can see the point on this one, but at the same time you’re basically given a stat respec potion at the start of AoM content, which is usually dozens of hours in for new players. And yes the game does fall into the old Diablo 2 trapping of “enough stats for gear, rest into hp”

5: you’re mixing terms up here Roguelikes ARE the dungeons that require skeleton keys. the other areas are Chthonic Rifts which have story justified reasons as to why you can’t rift out of them. That being: Your rift ability is a product of Aetheral possession, the Void and the Aether are diametric opposites, hence you, and Aetherials, cannot open rfits in the void.