The Third Expansion

One thing that I would have liked in this game, the tenth mastery and expand parts of the current map to give the feeling that it is more explorable. I do not ask for more main story, more features, more diversity of enemies, just expand the gameplay a bit by adding those two elements … PLEASE CRATE … PLEASE !!!



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Since Crate just released a Definitive Edition, I don’t think there will be a 3rd expansion. I think that’s fine, Crate has to move on at some point and concentrate on other projects in the making.

If you want more masteries, there are many mods out there.

I’m fairly certain a 10th mastery would drive Zantai insane, like literally completely insane.

You want more? Mods exist for that.

Us min/maxing fanatics have done our jobs well.

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Prob no more mastery and just pure content will suffice. Since titan quest recently got an expansion after so long, i guess we might be in luck after the town builder game.

I hope they will start conceptualizing and pre-producing Grim Dawn 2 after the townbuilder. As much as I’d like Crate to support GD for a long time, at one point there should be a End-Of-Life patch so the community can take over.

I think that the amount of content the game has right now is perfect. Even more content would make the game reach PoE levels of bloat. Also, a game reaching the end or its development means more potential for crazy mods to flourish because modders wouldn’t have to worry about updates screwing their mods.

GD1 needs one MOAR push. One more hidden path quest/or secret quest, heck even a small area as big as Hallowed Hill or Sunken Reliquary would make it 100% complete

It is a bit hilarious for people to say GD is close to being bloated - in fact it is not apart from item tooltips.

The way the world and lore is build you can add separate content expansions and not feel bloated. They dont have to be huge like AoM but more in line with FG from territorial km2 amount.
What counts is the quality and not quantity as Crate knows well and have proven themselves countless times they know what they are doing.

Also you can easily introduce instead of 10th Mastery and a new level cap an alternative mini specialization skill tree (like Ascendancy masteries) 5-10 new skills probably half would be passives which can boost your selected class choice/give it extra flavor.

It all comes down to what Crate wants to do - there is a lot of empty space to fill yet!

The game at the moment for me at least feels open ended and unfinished. You dont have to close all main loose ends in order to have a closure until 10 years later a GD2 storywise. But you could close the Taken storyline on a high note. And that wouldnt feel bloated as long as you dont introduce a new tier of items.

We cant force things when they dont want anymore. Let them rest and let evil rule over Cairn for good.

If, like me, you like to play through 3 difficulties then yes, the game is as bloated as I’d like it to be. Yet another expansion will make this only worse for those of us who enjoy doing this.

Adding another mastery is never easy; it’s an increasingly difficult nightmare of balancing against all the other masteries in the game and Zantai’s made it clear the only way they would add another is via another expansion for the game.

As for ending on a high note, again that’s not how Crate sees it. There is no high note/happy ending in sight for the world of Cairn or the Taken.


Funny how people ask for one more expansion mere days after a huge content update. It’s a testament to Grim Dawn’s quality, but damn. Let crate pursue other games so they can return with renewed passion if/when they do, and let the modding community will that void in the mean time.

The loot pool is totally bloated imo. i mean it’s fine as it is, but with dozens of new legs supporting a new mastery (and like @Evil_Baka said, it would be a nightmare to balance, and to fill which role exactly ?) and new playstyles. When i saw that they didn’t raise the caps (max level and devo) for FG (which is a good idea imo) i became highly septical about 3rd xpac for the reasons above.
That doesn’t mean we won’t have new content, idk, but it would be small i guess. We probably know more about that after next GD as Zantai said there’s still moar to come.

a high note ending doesn’t necessarily have to be happy. It could be an immense tragedy that leaves the player in tears! How about that? I’d love it :joy: