The True Face of Evil in Cairn

At first I believed it was the Aetherials and the Chtonians.

Then I decided to farm the Outcast’s Helm about two years ago. Took me over 100 runs to get it, though I stopped counting after 75

Then I believed it was Korvaak.

Then, finally, I decided to farm the String of Maggots. After 147 runs (this time I counted) it finally dropped.

Now I know the true face of evil. BEWARE. If you stare long enough it will suck the hours of your days and they will turn into nightmares and horrors beyond imagination.

BEHOLD: The true face of evil:



PS: This may belong in the meme section. I have no clue.


gryphon heads
Sand King,
both Alkamos Rings,
all Magi Rings,
Sharz fire stick
Garga Vita pewpew
Okaloth face
or the mofo#$@&%*! Gazer Prime pet :triumph:

anyone have suffering scale/care to share their RNGesus torment stats :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

personally the only one i’ve actually kept semi count on was MQclaw, because it also took me over a hundred runs to get my first (then the next ones dropped like politician’s promises)
all the rest i didn’t even bother to count because of the nightmare some of them are(were in the past), not gonna jinx it my sharing my Tomb of the Heretic luck, but ex Sharzul stick i didn’t even see until after i had racked up like 1500 hours or something
^and granted, while those 1500 hours weren’t exactly purely and focused Sharzy farm, it’s fair to say with my skele key dungeon farming pre FG that it was definitely more than a “couple” of runs.

This one was funny for me. It dropped in ultimate the very first time I killed that thing. :rofl:

As to the others, none of them took nearly as long for me, even the Alkamos Rings. But I haven’t yet tried to collect all of the Magi Rings yet so I may gripe more when I do that.

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Well, truth be told I’m still wearing it because after farming SR for the last three weeks as well, I STILL have not been able to drop a fourth piece of the Beastcaller set OR the fu$%ing blueprint for that damn thing. And I’m done to like 40 blueprints left over level 84 so there barely dropping anymore. And I can only farm SR on 55 Elite because my best setup in HC is my Conjurer wearing the Unholy Covenant.


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i got 3 blueprints in 2020, that was it… :no_mouth:
(also strangely “evenly” spread out through the year … :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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It’s my own fault. June 2020 I decided to wipe everything clean and start fresh only in HC.

At least it means I get another 2 or 3 years out of Grim Dawn at the very least. :smiley:

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That Maggot Belt sitting in my stash like a 1000 hours, got it ehile getting the morgo seals. I got 2 Nightbringers without even really farming for them. First one just dropped while was doing a routine run, traded it for one MQC plus good amount of mats etc(I had one but needed the second). 2nd Nightbringer dropped while I was farming an MI with particular suffix; I got even 3 magi rings and morgo set pieces in the process but I never saw a Sharzul Mace and tried hard to farm a pair of Alkamos Rings. That’s the reason I havent made any more cold builds actually; I need to farm another pair :rofl:
But the most annoying farm for me was Theodin Marcell scepter and Blaze Herald dagger with good rolls+AS. Best I got was Warped Alacrity and Magestorm of Alacrity lol. But as Z said, that’s because they are in the caster item category lol.


yea i suppose if we start to count in MIs with primo affixes, it might be a whole other, bigger, kind of RNG nightmare :grimacing:

Sounds like you guys stared at the face of evil a bit too long. My comrades. We suffer but the fight for Cairn must go on.


In Cairn my answer is Lokarr, cause Root of all Evil is nearby.

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Nope that’s not what it looks like. :fearful:

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You know, I’ve been wondering about this for long time the profile that Z use

looks similar with kel thuzad 2002 artwork, only different…

Would love to see the full artwork of the evil

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From Grim Misadventures #0


theoretically, greed is the true face of evil in grim dawn universe.

empyrion and his fellow celestials shatter ch’thon into uncountable pieces of demonic monsters trapped in hellish void dimension, because they’re greedy for the power to make their own realms.

the war of the gods happened because of the greed between the celestials themselves which results in destruction of many realms, celestials, aetherials, & unleashing the evil ch’thonians into the universe from their prison in the void.

korvan empire falls because of the greed of the 3 witches who justify their ambition of usurping the eldritch throne for the sake of mankind’s independence from any celestials and master their own destiny.

arkovian empire falls because its rulers are greedy for immortality which results in uroboruuk condemning the entire arkovian people into eternal torment in undeath.

erulan empire falls in grim dawn because its ruler & arcanists are too greedy for power and satiating their curiosity of the magical aetherial dimension, and this also causes the corruption of the aetherial faction that invades cairn because they’re greedy to feel alive again by possessing the humans and ruling cairn as their selfishly deserved reward for all the eons they’ve served their celestial masters.

grim dawn players fall into yugol’s despair/korvaak’s maddening rage/rigg’s rigged rig of goodies if they allow themselves to be trapped in the root of all evil - the total pursuit of BiS items at the cost of everything in their lives to serve rng’s greedy whim.

greed is the root of all evil. its fun though, if you play it safe with low risk.

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Here full artwork of the evil by Alexander Cabanel

And here Z got the inspiration bde43b98ae632d37fab2fa05cc3658bc


Not really what I want, but okay

Your post also inspire me to do this eye%20sad


So, if we look closely at Z’s profile pic we might actually be able to detect a tear that represents the sorrow he feels every time he kills a build. He’s not really evil, he’s just taking one for the team, like baby Jesus.

@Maska322 It’s clear what your path is now. Creating Zantai/Jesus memes to repair his severely damaged reputation and dignity and restore his faith in mankind to bring us Grim Dawn: Resurrected!



Okay daddy