The Unseeing Gaze

Before and after the expansion, I wanted to like this set but I can’t. It fills an interesting playstyle and with the expansion, there are more options to make it great. This set emphasises a Pierce/Bleed caster Nightblade. Actually an interesting concept but somewhat executed poorly.

The good things about this set are funnily enough all concentrated into it’s set bonuses:

  • 8% Offensive Ability
  • 10% Cooldown Reduction (30% with the full set)
  • 15% resist reduction to Pierce and Bleed

These are all strong bonuses than can compare to some Legendaries and are more than capable of using on an endgame character.

The bad things:

  • The full set only features +2 to Nightblade. This problem is exasperated further by the fact that the weapons and cowl take up slots with items that commonly feature +1 to a mastery. In the end, it means builds that aim to use this set pour plenty of points into Nightblade and have little left for a secondary mastery.
  • The skill bonuses are pretty bad. The high point of this set’s skill bonuses (other than +1 to Nightblade on the amulet) is +5 Blade Spirit, in fact it’s the only bonus to an offensive skill on the set at all. Blade Trap and Veil of Shadow/Night’s Chill are Utility/Support. Where are the bonuses to Phantasmal Blades or Ring of Steel perhaps?

Now both of these can be fixed pretty simply but I’m going to make another request for this set. With the expansion, you added Necromancer bonuses to the Myrmidon Bastion set (compared to the Empowered set which just features Soldier bonuses). I’m going to ask that you similarly add bonuses to The Unseeing Gaze for the Inquisitor.

Inquisitor is a perfect support mastery for this set. Notable skills that it brings to a Pierce Infiltrator’s arsenal are:

  • Horn of Gandarr. An extra offensive Pierce skill. Does well at clearing hoards of enemies than killing bosses.
  • Aura of Conviction. Flat Pierce damage (synergies well with % weapon damage skills such as Phantasmal Blades/Ring of Steel). Also offers survivability and flat OA to compliment the set’s % OA.
  • Word of Renewal. An extra on-demand heal alongside Pneumatic Burst. Provides similar buffs as well such as Defensive Ability and %movement speed.
  • Death Sentence. Resist reduction for Pierce.