The Wardrobe Project

Why hello there, fine denizen of Cairn. Welcome to the Wardrobe; a collection of Erulan’s finest attires. Fancy yourself a look around?

While everyone’s been busy worrying about their stats and min-maxing, I’ve fallen into collecting every possible item in the game irregardless of affixes or rolls. Why? So that I can place pictures to sets of items, that’s why! Behold, a preview of some sets as they look in-game, rather than needing to rely on the item icon as seen on gracefuldusk. This will be a project updated over time as I have the time to take/crop/upload images to the internet. For some time, it is likely that some links may not exist or may have sets missing.

Common Armor:
Exalted Sets (Item Level ~70) (Female)
Imperial Sets (Item Level ~60) (Female)
Assault Sets (Item Level ~50) (Female)
Frontier Sets (Item Level ~40) (Female)
Brigandine Sets (Item Level ~30) (Female)
Infantry Sets (Item Level ~20) (Female)

Because each set henceforth set does in fact not cover all armor pieces, whichever armor pieces are missing for a particular set will be filled in with Common-tier armor of similar item levels and type. For instance, the Praetorian (Level 50, Heavy Armor) Set will include Heavy Assault Armor (Level 50). In this regard, if you think some Common armor does not match up with a particular set, let me know and I’ll look for relevant alternatives. Thanks!

Monster-Infrequent Armor:
Fleshwarped Sets (Female)
Murderer Set (Female)
Haunted Sets (Female)
Ascended Sets (Female)

Faction Sets
Devil’s Crossing (Female)
Homestead (Female)
Outcast - Caster (Female)
Outcast - Heavy (Female)
Black Legion (Female)
Order of Death’s Vigil (Female)
Kymon’s Chosen (Female)
Rovers (Female)

Unique Sets:

Epic Sets:

[INDENT]Heavy Armor (Myrmidon, Dawnguard, Perdition, Guardsman, Praetorian) (Female)
Light Armor (Sharpshooter, Bloodreaper, Brimstone, Blind Assassin, Mogdrogen, Herald, Wildcaller) (Female)
Caster Armor (Unholy Covenant, Miasma, Maiven’s, Paragon, Eastern, Apothecary) (Female)

Legendary Sets:
Heavy Armor (Justicar, Markovians) (Female)
Light Armor (Beastcaller, Harbinger, Demonslayer, Ulzuin, Ultos, Deathmarked, Valdun, Winter King (unofficial set)) (Female)
Caster Armor (Trozan, Dreeg, Iskandra, Clairvoyant) (Female)[/INDENT]

See a set that I did not mention above? Let me know and I’ll add it to the listing!

TO-DO List:

  • All Common Armor Sets
  • All Monster Infrequent Sets
  • All Faction Armor Sets
  • All Epic Sets
  • All Legendary Sets
  • Female Variations

Exalted Heavy Armor:

Exalted Light Armor:

Exalted Caster Armor (Hat Variant):

Exalted Caster Armor (Hood Variant):

Imperial Heavy Armor:

Imperial Light Armor:

Imperial Caster Armor:

Fleshwarped Armor - Common Tier:

Fleshwarped Armor - Rare Tier:

Interestingly, there is no difference at all between the Common-tier and Rare-tier Murderer Armor:

The Unseeing Eye:

Herald’s Markings:

Keeper of the Flame:

Bloodreaper’s Carnage:

Sharpshooter’s Mark:

Everburning Brimstone:

Mogdrogen’s Tranquility:

Wildcaller’s Call:

Marauder’s Judgment:



The Dawnguard:

Myrmidon Armor:


Oathbreaker’s Flame:

Peacekeeper’s Raiment:

The Praetorian:

Man you must really like typing Female :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

This is pretty cool though, i never thought to collect all gear for one set type and check it out. my toon’s are always a mis-match of armor even with legendary,s

@eralduspr this aint TES :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Copy and Paste, my man. :cool:

Assault Heavy Armor:

Assault Light Armor:

Assault Caster Armor (Hat Variant):

Assault Caster Armor (Hood Variant):

Frontier Heavy Armor:

Frontier Light Armor:

Frontier Caster Armor:

Brigandine Heavy Armor:

Brigandine Light Armor (Plate Variant):

Brigandine Light Armor (Bronze Variant):

Brigandine Caster Armor (Hat Variant):

Brigandine Caster Armor (Hood Variant):

Infantry Heavy Armor:

Infantry Light Armor (Doublet Variant):

Infantry Light Armor (Chain Variant):

Infantry Caster Armor:

Thanks for doing this. Myrmidon and Unholy Covenant are my favorite sets aesthetically, too bad I hardly ever use them.

Also if this post messes up with your post order feel free to have a mod delete it.

No problem! And there’s no real post order, as I’m just linking directly to whatever posts I make with images in the first post so its easy to navigate around.

Transmog when? I love the Brigandine Light Helmet :frowning:

You should’ve posted the Myrmidon Set screenie with your char wielding one of these:

EDIT: Just dropped an Empowered Omen after making this post O.e

That can happen.

Edit: Well it won’t happen with Bloodlord’s. Those are rare as balls.

Do it with the Salazar’s. It’s goes perfectly with that set. :cool:


Oh c’mon! I’ve just reported myself so that they delete my post to keep your thread going!

Well you could used GD stash. Simply for the sake of this thread. :wink: