The Way to Walk

Ahoy mates!
Is their is a way to walk in this game? I prefer to explore thoroughly every new area in any game and walk can be very useful in this case and especially if you search for secrets in areas which you visited before. I read all of the game guide and found no clues as to how you can walk or at least run very slow.

P.S. many years ago I played awesome game called Titan Quest and if my memory serves me correct there was no way to walk there. Is it a build limitation? As far as I know Grim Dawn is using the same engine.

Nope. /10char

It’s more about the fact that they likely haven’t bothered with animating “walking” - if I had to guess it’s because it’s an “arpg” (and a diablo-like, to boot) where the focus is on looting and mayhem and about keeping the action flowing.

I have the whole game speed toggle on a button with external program:
(looks like in the gif below)

Just run speed is possible too but I don’t have it at the moment / don’t know how to do it.

I see…As I expected. The game is great anyway. I’l have to tolerate it because I don’t accept any unofficial modifications to the game.

Well, so long as you explore everywhere you shouldn’t miss anything.

Believe me, it’s better that you can only run. I’m a big explorer and i tend to investigate every little corner of the map. At a slow walking speed, it would take a crazy amount of time to find everything. The maps become pretty huge later on and full of little environmental annoyances that makes exploring quite a task.

Interactable objects are highlighted when you mouse over them, so you “explore” more so with your mouse than your character. Adding a walk toggle wouldn’t really impact anything tbh

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if walking toggle also means switching your combat stance (maybe walking speed gives you more defense bonus & less attack damage), it could be add more depths to combat.

kinda reminds me of diablo 1. where you and all enemies CAN’T RUN AT ALL. yet some enemies there have faster walking speed than you.

anyway, if op’s worried about missing some hidden objects/areas because their char moves too fast, just run around each new room/area you’ve entered, exploring every corner until you’re sure there is no secrets around. then proceed to the next rooms/areas. works for me who likes to explore the world. afaik only in end game shattered realms are you given limited time to race through the maps with little opportunities to explore. most content of the game doesn’t demand you to race through the maps in short time.

you can wait until yugol/aetherials/c’thon/korvaak destroy cairn completely before you set out of devil’s crossing for the first time, because they are so polite waiting for you to do scripted events in grim dawn quests before they make any moves.

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Also in D1 you got some serious penalty to your defense or whatever was it. I mean if you were trying to run near monsters they had a much higher chance to hit you I think.

Not really. If they wanted to make a separate animation of your character strolling along they could make a separate animation of your character strolling along. Has nothing to do with the engine and everything to do with whether they want your character to walk (or not).

you can have two pair of boots, one with no move speed at all for going slow and one pair for speed / performance

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thats a great tactic i like to use too in titan quest. switching to +move speed boost boots when i’m travelling in less dangerous areas, then switch to +def/+attack boots against dangerous bosses/mobs. you can do this tactic too in gd & many arpgs, it only take 0,5 sec ~ 1 sec to switch your boots before entering battle.