The "X" button - nope you're all wrong

Playstation gamers are up in arms after Sony revealed a little-known fact about its popular home console.

Apparently players have been calling the controller’s “X” button the wrong name for decades.

According to a recent poll run by the gaming giant on social media, 81% of fans pronounce it as they would the letter.

But in a shock turn of events, the company says the majority of fans are actually in the wrong.

Sony has insisted that users should be calling it the “Cross” button instead, and the news has left some fans completely baffled.


X has never been represented as a “cross” for anything, ever in my experience. I’m guessing it’s a culture thing.

It’s a Saltire cross.

“The Flag of Scotland, called The Saltire or Saint Andrew’s Cross , is a blue field with a white saltire. According to tradition, it represents Saint Andrew, who is supposed to have been crucified on a cross of that form (called a crux decussata ) at Patras, Greece.”

Isnt “cross” a totally logical name? Other nearby buttons are marked with triangle, square and circle. It’s completely logical for remaining one to be “cross” (geometrical figure, just like the rest), and not “X”.
The confusion among gamers just represents their average intellectual level, probably… I think they shouldnt miss too much school lessons to play with their console :)…

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