Theodin's Speech

Dear Developers,

I´m sure, it was a rich, creative process of the respective script writers as to “what should the ultimate evil say”, when you encounter him at the end of the 1st expansion.
That being considered, I find it an outright shame that one cannot UNDERSTAND Theodin Marcell during the final fight with him.
This was being brought up numerously before, and I refuse to believe that cranking up Thedins volume should be a difficult effort.
Can we please fix this?


The game is about to be finished, patch-wise.
I imagine a new player, and what he/she might find most important when looking at the game:
IMO it´s not that some WPS has a 50% chance or a 70% chance of penetrating enemies.
It´s much more basic stuff, as the above mentioned. Please consider giving some love to basic stuff, before you need to shut down your superb and most appreciated support!


His volume was turned up numerous times.

It’s just the way his lines were recorded. I replaced his voice with something else and it’s much easier to understand what he is saying.
Also, his alert sound never plays in game. Well… many alert sounds don’t play actually and I think it’s related to the enemy being “pre placed”. Ancient Shambler also doesn’t play its alert sound for example. On the other hand, Korvaak’s alert sound does play, so no clue how it really works.

Then one proper more, please. :slight_smile:

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+1. I’ve asked for the volume increase a few times and I did notice his audio volume going up veeeery slightly, I think it was last patch. Still very hard to understand. He gets way too drowned out by his combat music, his spell SFX, plus all the stuff the pesky player keeps on throwing in. Korvaak’s audio is absolutely perfect, you can hear every single thing he says no matter what’s happening. Theodin (and Fleshweaver Krieg, for that matter) are still close to unintelligible. I think it would take close to doubling in volume for them to overpower the SFX and music.

His voice is getting eaten by fight music in similar tones. Maybe rise the tone of him a bit ? But this way he might sound like little squirrel !

So I’ve done some testing on this. The latest patch definitely gave his audio a noticable bump, in fact I’d say the speech volume is pretty much on the money right now. BUT, not all of it. It seems some lines may be stashed separately from others (I have no clue how the audio is organised so just spitballing) and those have not been affected by the latest volume pass. It seems that mid-combat taunts have the volume just right (“Your interference ends here”), but health-threshold-triggered or phase-transition lines are at the old (low) volume (“Humanity is ours” at start of phase 3; whatever the hell he says when I kill his phase 2 - that line must have avoided all the prior volume passes cause it’s completely unintelligible). I’ve done a couple of runs with the music off to properly capture this, this run seems to showcase it about the best:

Keep in mind, even if the low volume lines are somewhat intelligible here (“Humanity is ours”), this is with music off. Some of the lines that now have their volume just right (“The weak shall be purged!”) I never even knew existed before last patch cause the music and SFX used to completely drown them out. Currently I’d say the tally is about 50/50, in this video there’s like 3 lines that are at the correct volume, the rest is either low-ish (most phase transitions) or way too quiet still (end of phase 2).

This separation of audio also seems to be present for Fleshweaver Krieg. Most of his lines are way too quiet (“I will enjoy crushing you!”), while his mid-combat laugh is at the proper volume.

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Two things I learned about Theodin this current patch is

  • He speaks english
  • His final form have lots of hand hanging at the bottom, and looks clean enough compared to the rest of his aetherial body

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