Theory: Cold Pet Build with Winter King

Hey guys!

I was wondering about a weapon and a helmet that I have:
Mythical Bane of the Winter King
Mythical Crown of the Winter King
if they were usable in a Cold Pet Build, similar in idea to DaShiv’s Dracaris Incarnate Build. (

So I made that:

I don’t think it’s good yet, and I’ve chosen a Ritualist more for flair than for design (I named the build The White Walker).

Still needs some thought in the skills and devotions for sure.

I was just playing around, although I have some of these items I do not have a char that can test it and also I do not play pet builds usually, so I wanted to know your thoughts about it: can we transform that in something playable?

It will take me a few weeks to post them between providing feedback for update v1.0.5.0 and posting other build ideas, but I will be showcasing two Cold pet builds that feature the Bane of the Winter King sword. Cold pets is a relatively weak damage type- even after all the buffs from recent updates- but both my builds are at least able to tackle any Vanilla content, even if they rely on a potion pot or two. Due to the weakness of the damage type, though, I doubt they’d be able to handle threats like Kuba & Grava, though they should be able to handle the main expansion content okay.

As for your build, you have no Cold RR outside of Wind Devil, so highly resistant enemies will make mincemeat of your build. Additionally, you’re barely hitting resistances even with components - for starters, take six points out of Heart of the Wild (10/10 is more than serviceable) and put them in Oak Skin to patch up your Pierce Resistance. Saying much more than that will spoil the builds I will be posting, but I can tell you for sure that Cold pets is serviceable for Campaign.

Nice! Can’t wait to see them!

As for my build, I’ll focus on leveling up my Cabalist and a Ritualist, so I can play a bit more with pets, and then I’ll get back to it. Thanks for the input!