Theory craft: Spark of Reality - Aether to Chaos conv.

Hey everyone,

I finally decided to take the time to read all recent changes in the item database. This scepter has now an interesting conversion mod. 100% Aether => Chaos.

I tried this build on my warlock : << LINK >>

On paper, it has everything: a nuke, godlike AoE, a nasty DoT, a panic button, a debuff and a spammable ability. But (in the spark of) reality, it didn’t feel safe at all. And the choice in chaos stuff is quite limited.

May be I didn’t see an obvious synergy ? Have you tried to build around this item yet ?

Well, Chaos sucks currently, we are told to wait for FG so there is that. Have you tried Covenant of the Three helm? Also, maybe it’s worth to consider speccing into Aeon Hourglass for double doom bolt and faster Devastation refresh?

The only viable Chaos warlock is Black Flame set. You can go AAR or CT, both work.

Imo, if you want to play a Warlock, wait till FG. If FG won’t do anything good for Warlocks, blame Crate.

Right now I’d rather make a build that has cool looking skills than play a Warlock, they just can’t do anything. Eventually an elemental Warlock would work, but there’s not enough support for that, imo.

Too bad. I hope the wait for FG will be worth it. Chaos builds are a few items/sets close to be viable.

I have a Obsidian Juggernaut warlock, the dmg is amazing :slight_smile:

Define amazing? :smiley:

Have you tried it as Deceiver / ?

I’m not as well-versed in auto-attack builds as I am in pet builds (I’ve played a few dual-wield builds in Grimarillion and they’re always too glassy for my tastes, I like defensive tanky builds), but I’ve thought about this concept as well.

How would this type of build fare?
Chaos Fleshwarped Strikes Sorcerer
Chaos Fleshwarped Strikes Warlock

The theme of the build is combining Arcane Will with Blast Shield to get a build that takes advantage of getting to Arcane Will for the 100% conversion easily while having Blast Shield as a fallback. Fleshwarped Strikes is a great auto-attack with the advantage of flat RR, but I use Blackwater Cocktail anyway to get more flat RR. Korvaak’s Relic is great for Chaos Demo, using Arcane Shard dampers the Fire conversion a bit but the skill bonuses are just too good to get worried about, and 2 heals + Ghoul should make this build somewhat doable.

You have to use mines, but you have decent RR, Dying God is always good to have, and 80% Slow resistance is great when you only have near capped Attack Speed when Ghoul is activated. I’m sure there are weaknesses, but I think it’s a decent concept, and Sorcerer is a fairly rare class combo, so it should be worthwhile for someone to take up the challenge.

Also added a Warlock version, which has much better Auto-attack damage thanks to Possession + Solael’s Witchblade + Darkblaze Source, if I calculated everything from the Grimtools correctly, Fleshwarped Strikes averages out to around 30K per auto-attack once you add the flat Aether + 130% Weapon Damage from Fleshwarped Strikes. No Blast Shield means that you’re glassier than the Sorcerer version, so that’s something to watch for. Manticore + Ravager + Ignaffar’s + second Voidheart means that you have up to 103 Chaos RR, and using Darkblaze Source means that Blood of Dreeg gives you enough flat Chaos damage to make up for not having Possession + Solael’s Witchblade maxed out. I admit I forgot how much flat Chaos damage you can get in Melee as an Occultist, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with the Sorcerer.