[Theory Craft] Word of Pain/BWC Auramancer

Would like some feedback on a concept, I’ve been thinking about this week; this is for when we will be able to craft Mythicals on a “gamble smith” which I hope will happen in future patch updates.:

Proc Auramancer

Bulk of the Damage comes from Auras and “Attack/When Hit Procs” that release AoE Elemental Damage.


  • serviceable OA; great OA if Deadly Aim is active.
  • minimum req DA threshold
  • above average caster AR
  • above average caster physical resistance
  • regen sustain (Devotions + Vindictive)
  • innate damage reduction sources
  • very potent resist shred
  • Devotions are 50/50 (offense/defense)
  • Colorful and interactive gameplay.
  • CC God (chance to confuse, fumble, KB & KD)


  • you stand still most of the time, with the occasional use of an offensive Inquisitor’s Seal.
  • dependency on an MI you will most likely never get, without at least 1000+ hours of farming :eek:
  • Is an eyesore to my personal aesthetics of a legitimate caster gameplay.

The spammable and wide AoE properties of WoP will quickly fill the screen with stacking elemental storms. Casted on top a pool of BWC w/ Eldricth Fire. Fire damage from Vindictive Flame and Inquisitor’s Seal is further amplified.

Well I actually haven’t applied this on actual gameplay, but on paper it looks like it’s very viable from my PoV. Needing feedback to disprove or improve.

pardon my bumping of my own OP, but any input regarding this? would love to get feedback on this build, as I’m excited to try it out. Just not willing to invest time on testing on template.