[theorybuild]Will this work?

Found this guy, while checking through my stash and also remembered that there is physical to elemental conversion for Cadence, so decided to try to create something based on mythical version of this blade with elemental cadence

So here is a result

So question is - is it usable? OA and DA looks pretty decent, armor and survivability should be pretty decent but I’m quite unsure about damage since I pretty much stuck several different elements, even through my main element is kinda cold… Also is it a huge problem to miss leviathan devotion?

Why would you go Krieg’s set for an elemental damage build?

Get gear that gives +% elemental damage if you’re going to use Mythical Conduit, else you’d want to use elemental-to-physical conversion, e.g. from Octavius set.

Also, if you want to make an elemental damage tactician see my builds here, which are viable in gladiator crucible.

Mainly for +skills. I tried several elementals sets but dew to bad skill synergies kriegs set in the end gave pretty much hightest cold/fire/lightning numbers

So… Is there a better set then Krieg here for also getting some skill bonuses as well as well as better elemental bonuses?

And still is it a big problem that I missed leviathan?

Oleron and Star Pact are both exlusive and cant work together

Also, this two classes dont have any elemental rr. I think for battlemage aether or physical are better option…

I thought that rumor can somewhat fix it(if only for cold)…

Ok, so aether is better for battlemage… Somewhat like this?