Theorycraft: Pet build with 'North-East' quadrant devotions

Hi All,
Long time reader, first time poster.
I was tinkering around GrimTools with pet builds in mind and was wondering if you guys have tried any builds using Tree of Life, Ishtak, Obelisk, and/or Bard’s Harp to support your pets?
The procs are on-hit or on-block so obviously shield is needed and you need to be in the thick of things for them to go off.
I was thinking Cabalist, using skeletons as main damage source and stacking flat damage wherever it can be found (lots of that in Occultist). Expecting squishyness at some point but then again the above devotions buff self and pets so maybe it can offset.
Still have to look into items.
What do you think?

You’re suggesting playing a class with disposable and easily replaceable pets, then trying to increase their durability.

It seems like you’re effectively reducing the value of both your devotion points and skeletons re-summon capabilities.

In general pet advise around here suggests stacking tons of DPS because clear speed getting your out of danger works better than stacking tons of defensive bonuses.

I think shaman type builds are more in-line with what you’re trying to do here.

Maybe experiment with Warder/Conjurer & Primal Instinct relic. Good luck :slight_smile:

I think that a Cabalist has little to no business on that side of the devotion tree since their game plan usually is not to be in the thick of things. Similar deal for a Conjurer.

But it does looks like an appealing area for a Ritualist or a Winter King Trickster because they need to be in the thick of things for Wendigo Totem/Blood Pact to heal/flat damage for their pets. I personally dislike shields so I would probably be forgoing Obelisk for any other constellation with pet nodes on it.

Check out retaliation pet build

As mentioned, the Pet Retaliation Build uses all of Tree of Life, Obelisk, Ishtak, and Harp devotions. Physical Conjurer pets make the most of these devotions by far, and we’ll see how it gets changed in the v1.0.6.0 update.

Here’s the build.

Aha, good, had a feeling something was wrong … boosting durability of disposable pets, kinda silly … thanks for cutting through it.
(but I won’t discount the idea totally, since I am also extremely lazy, and if there is one less resummon button to press then I’m a fan)
In the meantime I shall go allballs pet offense :smiley:

Hey I just noticed something …
You can assign Bull Rush to pets (duh) but if you assign it to Familiar, then it procs at the point of impact where Storm Orb hits, instead of at the Familiar’s feet. Don’t know if it’s a bug, but it’s nice way to add AoE damage to Familiar’s regular attack.
Tried it with skeletons but it procs at their feet no matter if they are ranged or melee. Too bad.
Always something new …