[Theorycraft/WIP] Yet another Chaos Spinnyboy

Right, as the title suggests, this is very much still just a concept build, but one I plan to work towards, and will definitely keep updating. For now it’s mostly a theorycraft only, as I’m still leveling my Sentinel / collecting the necessary gear. with that in mind, I will still be sharing some thoughts on the various aspects of the build.


Right, so straight off the bat, its what I’d consider a pretty standard build. i’m still experimenting with skill point allocations and such but so far what i have seems to be doing alright. There are a few things to note however.

1. M. Wrath of Tenebris

This thing will most likely get nerfed. Hell, I want it to get nerfed. For a build like this, the bonuses it provides are honestly equal to a full 5 piece set bonus, if not more. If you had to choose only one item from this build to get to start with, get this thing. It has EVERYTHING.

2. Boots

The reality is, there are no good epic or legendary boots for this build. The ideal boots, as per every other build in existence, would be Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings. Big surprise there. I have, however, never been able to craft them, and have tried so much. Greaves of Ill Omens is therefore probably the best easily accessible option for the build that still gives good bonuses (reduced stun duration, Ill Omen, +2 to Soulfire). If you do have SSGoK, by all means, use them. Just swap the pierce resist augment on them for a lightning one to cap it.

3. Medal

Same deal as boots, but slightly better. There is one OK choice that is easy to get - M. Blood Sigil of Ch’thon. It’s the better starter piece, but a +5 EoR badge is by far the end goal. The movement skill you put on it doesn’t really matter.

4. Full Set Rah’Zin

The full set gives nothing good to the build really. I’m almost completely certain (can’t be fully since I still haven’t tested it) that swapping the belt for M. Sash of the Bloodlord and equipping 2x Voidheart to convert all of EoR’s fire damage to chaos would give a better result than the additional 20 RR you get from the auto attack replacer.

5. Devotions

Right, last part. Devotions, honestly, are the biggest WIP of the build. I’ve toyed with skipping Manticore for Lotus, skipping Turtle, not finishing Behemoth, but what I’ve got to show is so far the best distribution I’ve found. However you decide to build yours, there are two key constellations to get, and one that is highly recommended. The two key ones are Solael’s Witchblade and Dying God, which should be no-brainers for any chaos build. The highly recommended one is Kraken, which is just an amazing bonus to any two-handed build.

And that’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll continue updating as I develop the char, and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.