Theorycrafted Blademaster to kill Celestials!

Hi everyone, I was just finished my first ultimate campaign run, although I played over 500+ hours with 4 characters I consider myself a noobie since I haven’t played most of the classes and haven’t used most of the build opportunities yet. And of course only one of those characters reached to the end of the campaign :stuck_out_tongue: but they will with a little bit farm. With my 2h melee sorcerer I completed the main campaign and raided the rogue-likes but I couldn’t kill any of the celestials; I have killed Callagadra, Ravager and Mordrogen on veteran but this is not a real bench mark for the build. Even though it has a room for a little improvement that build cannot tackle more regardless of any changes I would make. However as I stucked with that build I imagined a build which can kill Lokarr and so more. Of course it’s a hard to reach this build but not impossible because I already have some of the gears. Because of my lack of experience againts such high level creatures I wanted you guys to analyze the build I just theorycrafted. Here it is;

Thank you in advance for your views and sorry if I made grammatical mistakes because english is not my native language.

I am really puzzled what’s the main damage type of this build :thinking:

You don’t have damage type with over high % modifier. If it’s Bleeding then you have 0 bleeding RR, you haven’t got Rend. Physical but then you need different itemization for sure and points in break Moral. And definitely Blades of Nadaan is converting your physical damage to pierce. Pierce damage is very low as well. But even then Blade Arc is sub par option for spam DW melee Nightblade.

I suggest to try pierce or cold BM. Pierce with Belgo set or even better, tankier version with SR set+ dual Reaver’s Claw. For cold your best option is Deathmarked DW build.

If you want DW bleeding build you can try Trickster instead and use Savagery.

Even if I droped points from Blade of Nadaan still most of my damage goes to piercing so I couldn’t create a stable physical damage with dual wield. There is no simple weapon for it. And there is also not a usefull set for piercing so I had to use this hybrid damage chart.

The belgothian set
supports pierce, with its own auto attack replacer built in, and some are farmable MIs till you get there. Blade arc just doesn’t work for dual wield builds, because it only uses main hand, so better to run cadence with nightblade and markovian wps if you want to dual wield.
2-h or for Pierce blade arc blademaster, which has some great builds already, [] (2H Melee) A Knight of the Round Table - 2H Pierce Blademaster [cr+] [sr] for just pierce or [] King Elessar - 5:30m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shards 65-66 Pierce/Bleeding melee Blademaster [vid][g3][c+][sr] for hybrid.
Warlord or Witchblade are better for physical because of rr. Or you can throw Warder in for blade arc bleed. But blade arc needs a 2-h to work well.


Thank you for your explanation and examples but I wonder, doesn’t all default attack replacers use only main hand? Even cadence. So you are saying dual wield is only viable with minimum %80 wps or with % Weapon Damage skill not % main hand damage. I haven’t played with any dual wield yet. All my characters are 2h melee. But I played with warder, warlord and sorcerer so I used most of the auto attack replacer. I believed that any of them could be played with dual wield with a smart build because maybe the weapon damage would be low but the bonuses will be much higher so I’m wrong then. Btw Bladefury is not a good choice to build araound if you’re aiming for celestials. I have Nadaan’s Reach though.

Belgo set attack hits with both hands. It’s very good set/attack.

But if you want tanky version for superbosses and such you can go SR set and Reaver’s Claw using Cadence. Cadence hit with main hand only but with mods have superb attack against multiple targets.

Cadence is different because it only impacts the third hit, people say it only uses main hand, but the tool tip shows both, so idk. But deadly momentum amplifies the 2 non cadence hits, which can be wps. Savagery, fire strike, righteous fervor and belgothian strikes can amplify the wps on every hit, which is multiplicative with the wps. Belgothian blademaster is one of my favorites. Saboteur with explosive strike is really cool for aoe with wps, but it’s real squishy. Cadence dual wield from what I understand is about charging cadence hits, because it strikes so fast, and dual wield inherently has a 50% chance to hit twice, so cadence has a chance to be charged after 1 attack, so it’s best to just run execute and markovian advantage for wps.

Here check out Nery’s build for Belgothian

Or banana peel’s for cadence

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Belgo is very useful i’d say :smiley: . You can find a full purple setup for killing Callagadra for example here :

Purple Callagadra Video: Gt also in video description

Thank you all guys,I never thought of the Belgo set, I was just too focused on blade-arc because I kinda don’t like the cadence farming but it means that I guess I have to farm the belgothian set :smiley: and use the existing builds which mostly I don’t like to follow guides, I like to improvise and then if things go south I try to fix and then I’ld ask for opinions. However maybe I improve my warlord to kill Callagadra but need mythical guillotine :slight_smile: