[] Another Belgo Pierce Blademaster, support the DW classic!


  • Belgo always reminds me of this bad boy-Shredder from TMNT


As a DW melee aficionado I always wanted to post Belgo, truly one of the two poster boys for DW melee buids. Now the build is here! Actually the thing that was stopping me was the fact Belgo have been posted so many times, so I don’t really can bring something to the tables. Still is Belgo…

Credit to previous authors, especially to @Superfluff and @mad_lee



  • permanent buffs


  • damage breakdown for Belgo Strikes

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvL1LvN


Cunning improves both damage and OA. With Harp and Fighting spirit build have 4.1k OA or above in Crucible ~80% of the time. Also massive DA shred from Markovian. So this leads to gigantic orange crits. Single target damage is great as usual. AoE is minimal. So pick your targets and slaughter everything. In Crucible with use of aetherward oil, you can have racial bonus to all enemies except Eldritch.


Unlike some glass cannon versions, here are present Ghoul, Serenity and Prismatic Diamond. Also nice OA shred, and decent health pool. Armor and physical resistance in current configuration are good too. So build should be very safe, well no…


Dual Slicers for the win. Decided to use one MI item- the Kaisan amulet with what I consider BiS affixes. Cheaper options are Beronath amulets or duh, Night’s Embrace. Boots+Pants have nice procs, DA and physical resistance. Craft the items with slow resistance.


Build can do nice runs, but with low RR is super dependent on mutators. Also enemies combinations can push the build even by whole minute. Kaisan is the nastiest enemy no doubt, he can kill you or slow you.

Success rate is probably like 70% or so in my hands. And Belgo is pretty much suited to my abilities. I know how to push it far :stuck_out_tongue: Video from Crucible 5:51!

In SR build is absolutely destroyed by trash mobs! Just DoT damage and heroes are making fun of me. Please do something about melee builds, Z!


I see everyone roll blademaster these days, is it better than the RR from infiltrator?

Both classes are fine. BM is more fluid, but also better DW skills and synergy. It’s slightly faster in Crucible with standard setup but Infiltrators are safer with same gear. Anyway BM is just thing of beauty!

But why? No Seal?

EDIT: 6% o’cap on acid and 12% on fire/lightning, you can’t have that in SR. If Kaisan ammy, why not Stoneplates?

In SR build is absolutely destroyed by trash mobs! Just DoT damage and heroes are making fun of me. Please do something about melee builds, Z!

This is actually so true lmao. My infiltrator have 40+ physical res, a seal and 2k+ armor still gets vaporized or chunking health potions from all the ground effects.

Don’t know, maybe. But is really frustrating. Died 4 times in SR 75 against non bosses chunks. Idk :thinking:

Also fumble in SR = dead. Duelwield need that leech so badly.

I try to escape the fumble and it’s more important for 2h melee. Major difference is no damage absorb, and no DoT, thus kiting. So you have to facetank everything and to that you need tank. So you can see AlkamosHater build is crazy good in SR, but it’s absurd tank. Belgo is damage machine, that’s the nature of the set.

My belgo infiltrator hard stop at anything gravathul related. Absurd hp reduction + fumble and i risk aggro the entire map or get one shotted through bladebarrier with his nullbolts. Couldnt go through 65 boss chunk because it had Grava + Kaimon in it. I do abysmal damage to them because reduction + misses while they do 2x crit on me. Good lord i cant imagine Aethersnek or Kuba. I’d love to escape if i could avoid risking aggro other bosses. For some reason stacking this much armor and physical res along with serenity still dies in SR.

Belgo build is definitely geared for crucible.

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2 builds in 1 day. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep my comment free of controversy this time - congratulations, dear nery! A mighty fine looking post, indeed!

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Usually Tuesday is my post day, have access to internet, free time, perfect combo for build posting. Stay tune for our next episode next Tuesay.

I doubt Shredder pic can cause controversy and off topic creation :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm, I am always curious, have you guys tried Spellbreaker belt + bladetwister ring + LA? Seems like it will contribute to a lot of flat.

-1 for no topless Shredder pic! :smile:

Another great build @Nery - and like spanks said, two in one day! :+1:


Nice build! :slight_smile:

Build your own DoT!

Kidding aside, perhaps you could invest some more points in Blade Spirits and use Pet Attack to shred some of the enemies. Sadly, there doesn´t seem a possibility to get Living Shadows for even more “DoTs”.

Hey Nery. Glad to see more Belgo love

I know resists can be hard on Belgo and Serenity is a nice all rounder but Not using Belgo relic is a pretty big dps loss. You have less Ulzaad, less harp, Mobility CDR, RoS, less War cry, if you use the latter. It affects the build globally. I tried really hard with Azrakaa or Serenity but the dps loss was significant.

SR is very possible but you have to commit to it. And don’t use serenity there either :stuck_out_tongue:

This ring is a trap with horrible stats


Playing the close-to exact same blademaster right now (e.g. mantis, no harp)
What I don´t get: Why does everyone take at least 1 blackwatch seal?
I play with dual Belgo rings - more dodge, more (urgently needed) ele resist, close to same damage.

Has great OA and Execution

The only things this ring twists are players’ balls.

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OK, thx. Well Nery - since you have mountains of OA and a big lack of ele res: You could try changing to double belgo rings.

4K OA or nothing :stuck_out_tongue: