[] Another Belgo Pierce Blademaster, support the DW classic!

nice to see the good old blademaster. isnt amarastas quick cut worth it?

Would exceed 100% WPS

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@vizix: I think AQC has been proven to be a DPS loss to its single target nature and longer attack animation (though that might have since been changed as AQC was made faster).

That being said, as @PlagueMirth pointed out to me, it works well in fluff’s build because of his ridonk 3k cunning, meaning that the flat pierce on AQC becomes that much better.

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You need 100% WPS or close but without exceeding it @vizix. I have 98% now with Direwolf Crest. AQC will push it too much and that mean less Belgo, Markovian and Execution. Plus AQC is usually DPS loss, unless you are Deathmarked build.

Thanks, you are not the only Belgo fan out there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t realize Belgo relic was that good. I can use Incorruptible prefix on amulet+Belgo relic, if that’s better.


I don’t think that blade spirits is worth that much here. Living Shadow is nice and I can get it, but Harp OA,DA and slow with 50% uptime is sweet.

Thanks, I usually do that-2 birds with one stone!

Topless Shredder, now that’s really interesting idea or not

Seeing that you have bound Blades of Wrath to Blade Spirits:
Is it true that (pseudo)pets do not deliver the %mainhand-damage from the devotion-skill?

No idea, haven’t heard about that.

But blade spirits are usually reliable source of procing on crit. But still Belgo is better on Assassins mark.

What would be a good SR set up? I die through serenity, seal and ghoul in SR and fumble stops my leech.

Damage reduction also hurts since i struggle to leech from it and i die quickly from overwhelming damage.


Kinda what I used here

You don’t truly need all the greens. You can do final march boots and any other ring like blackwatch or another belgo ring if you need elemental res. I was just trying to get some offense on the defensive spec of the build. It has the sustain to get you up to SR 81 including. After that, you have to give up on damage to survive and takes a really long time

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What if you run into the fumble combos? Do you just have to kite the entire way through?

I find Gravathul a major pain for this build because his bolt oneshots through everything and every single ability is anti belgo :S

grava if you 1 v 1 him just teleport away from his orb of null.

Otherwise the fumble you can handle since the build has good regen. You don’t depend on lifesteal only. And also the heal on the belt. It all makes the build feel very stable

I just understood the setup, so will give it a try. Seems like that amulet helps tremendously too.

The problem with grava ball is the aggro. So usually you pull 1 or 2 boss right? but the ball chases you across the map, so you have to aggro all of it. :S

belgothian strikes 94 level item skill
which skill do you recommend using while levelling
sorry for my english

Until you collect Belgo set, use Cadence as auto attack, combined with Nightblade WPS skills.

Great leveling weapons are Derma slicers. They drop like candies’ in the hive near Homestead, route to Swarm queen Ravna.

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ty so much

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How does Belgo’s compare to the Shattered Realm Set Cadence Blademaster I see sometimes?

Nothing - tops - Belgo! <3

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Damage, Belgo is better. Survivability SR set is just too good.

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Damage, Belgo is better. Survivability SR set is just too good.

That sounds about right. In that case, would it be correct to say that if I lean more towards defense with my builds it would be more efficient to use the SR set than tweaking Belgo to be more defensive?

Also maybe this isn’t the right place to ask but is there a “definitive” version of the SR spec floating around? I saw @mad_lee say he had a good one but I didn’t see it posted.


You can move few points around to get War Cry for the ultimate Shattered Realm faceroller. It’s only needed for Shards above 75-76 tho, not needed in Crucible.

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I mean, @alkamoshater climbed to SR 100 with belgo set

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