Theorycrafting around greens: Vit PB Reaper

I got two drops that caught my eye. One is a Heart Piercing Spectral Arbalest, the other is a double rare Reaper’s Leggings with Thunderstruck and Incantations. Together, they’re speaking to me to make a PB Reaper. So I put them together in GT and came up with this:

It has low slow res and phys res, and there is unconverted cold damage on BH. And the crossbow blocks the Demonslayer pistol, so I get +1 projectile instead of 2 and I don’t get the extra Blade Spirit. That’s about the only complaints I have. Would the flat damage, cunning and OA from Heart Piercing be good enough to make up for that?

No, not even close.

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Bummer but that’s life. What would be the choice for an offhand, Og’napesh? Virulent Maw? A green Groble Death Effigy? It looks like the conversion on Speaker of the Dead makes it unusable for vitality.

Unfortunately, due to PB themselves being overnerfed they can’t properly carry a build as they could before. You need those steroided Blade Spirits from the full set. Off-hand either Virulent Maw or the one that buffs Spirits. You can pretty much copy a lot of stuff from my Dervish:

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Naaah, I’ll just go with your Oppressor build instead. <3

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