[] Phantasmal Paradox: 5m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 75-76 beastly vitality PB-caster Dervish [c+][sr+][vid]

*When Mad Lee releases a new build and you have to code a new hotfix nerf over night

(Many thanks to @Tararihen for the great picture)


This wasn’t the first time Harra has tasted defeat. Only this time defeat tasted a lot like blood mixed with sharp, burning cold icicles. She had aching frostbites all over her body. Olexra finally had her revenge. Harra couldn’t understand why her blades weren’t penetrating Olexra’s new armor. It seems like Imperial Inquisition had turned its back on Harra too: her powers and her connection to elemental magic seemed to be waning. She could feel the power of enchantment slowly seeping out of her infamous suit of armor once tailor-made for her by Inquisiton’s best craftsmen.
She barely escaped into the portal that had suddenly appeared before her right at the moment when Olexra was ready to deliver a killing blow. Harra suspected that some higher forces were helping her out and they never help unless they want something in return. She felt a powerful presence slowly approaching her.

So I have never really intended to make Demonslayer’s build, but @omnitrio’s recent Dervish Demonslayer inspired me to do one when I saw what kind of potential Dervish has there. There is also @Nery’s Dervish Demonslayer which I honestly saw only after I completed my build (and in my opinion it’s a bit outdated and underoptimized).

The Build


*Try to get relevant resists/stats on greens. If you don’t have a green with “Formidable” affix, do use an extra Seal of Might.

**Craft for Slow resistance and healing effects Update

Decided to update this old guard. Had to reinvent the build from the scratch since Phantasmal Blades have been overnerfed and shifted the focus to Blade Spirits. Build is an absolute beast and a pleasure to play. Green items are easily attainable too (no specific affixes are needed). Update

Made a minor improvement to the spec thanks to @sir_spanksalot. Build is both tankier and more damaging now. Updated Grimtools and added a new video. Update

Build is still a beast capable of consistent 6 minute Crucible farms. Despite all the nerfs. So no changes to GT. Added some videos of Crucible runs. Update

So this build was target nerfed in patch. Changed shoulders in grimtools link. From Crucible runs build’s power dropped by 10-15%, but can’t say how much of it is buffed Crucible and how much of it nerfs to the build. Uploaded new screenshots. New videos coming soon.

The burning questions

But Bat devotion…
Nope, no place for it here.

What about Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might gloves? More casting speed and a good source of flat RR!
Tested it too, 10-15 seconds slower on average.


Every piece of gear is best in slot here, I have tested quite a bit of different variations. Devotion map is super strong with three tier-3 devotions + Ghoul. I opted for gameplay fluidity and minimalism in active skills so nothing disrupts our Phantasmal Blades spam.


DO NOT spam Ring of Steel, use it conservatively only versus melee heavy hitters like Reaper, Grava, Iron Maiden, Fabius etc. or when swarmed by mobs (or to refresh Hungering Void).
In Crucible try to herd as much mobs together as possible including Nemeses waves and wave 169. Build facetanks anything, just be mindful of your position and don’t stop spamming those blades. Remember that more mobs being pierced by our PB-spam = more adtch for us and faster clearing times. Sometimes Energy potion is needed. Use mobility skills generously. With some practice you will never ever die in Crucible.
In Shattered Realm use mobility skills even more generously. Speed farm 65-66, expect to die ocassionaly at 75-76. Never facetank Mad Queen in Shattered Realm. Spam her from distance and always be on the move with Vire’s Might and Amatok’s Breath against her. In Main Campaign build can facetank her, but stay as close as possible, cast Ring of Steel ONCE just to proc Dying God and spam PB. Watch your Ascension uptime especially carefully versus Iron Maiden, her stun lock can be deadly. Expect to die sometimes.


Check out some great Beginner’s/Levelling guides by @Nery @malawiglenn @Stupid_Dragon and others. Don’t level with Phantasmal Blades. This build becomes this build after you have all the gear/augments/skills devotions at level 100. This is the endgame build.


General with Pneumatic Burst and Ascension (75

% of the time up)

Magical with Ascension

Defense with Ascension up

Videos Shards 75-76 Supertolik’s 6:15 run Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:17 run Supertolik’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 6:48 “naked” run with extra spawn Shards 75-76 7:10 run by supertolik Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:33 run Shards 75-76 9:02 run (one death)

5:26 Crucible run - spec test

5:38 Crucible run in Uber Offensive spec

5:57 Crucible 150-170 run

6:02 Vitality res mutator Crucible run

6:31 Vitality res mutator Crucible run

6,5 seconds Mad Queen kill

19 seconds Lokarr kill

5:10 run by John Smith

5:37 Crucible run by me

5:35 Crucible run by me

5:42 Crucible run by me

5:48 Crucible run by me

Shattered Realm 65-66 run with Vitality resist mutators both times

SR 65-66 run with good mutators but one death

In Conclusion

“You are a tough one, child, your father should be proud of you”, said Solael leaning over Harra. “I killed my father when I was 15, stuck a kitchen knife deep in that pig’s chest”, retorted Harra. “Bastard had it coming the way he treated me and my mother”, she spat out a blood clot that was stuck in her throat. “Here is something that I picked up from the corpse of one Menhir’s followers who was foolishly chasing me thru realms thinking I was some kind of demon”, Solael made few subtle passes with his hands, clearly a bit disgusted by her mannerisms. He looked divine and heavenly and yet Harra felt a certain contempt and disdain coming from the Witch God, like the whole ordeal was another chore that he wanted to get over with as soon as possible.
“Your quest is mine now”, were the last words she heard him whispering before she passed out.


here’s johnny! :zantai:

LL|uT PyJluT

Ooooh, new chapter, looking forward to the next one :heart: :heart: :heart:

…build? What build? :rofl:

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Btw,my build looks similar to yours,other than Revenant/Aeon difference.Where does the difference in times comes,you think?

I have mentioned you in credits, but swear to God I only saw your build after I did mine. And obviously I knew that Demonslayer’s Dervish or Demonslayer’s builds in general aren’t new or anything, just wanted to present my min-maxed vision of that set.

I think difference in Crucible timers comes from Permanent Ascension mostly + general build “polish-ness”. Yours lacks %Vitality damage, last point in Heart Seeker, plus that green off-hand seems like a noob trap item to me, non-mythical Contagion is just better. But also after couple of hours of practice with that build my piloting with it improved tonns. A lot depends on how well you can herd mobs together to maximise your damage output.

Btw I am not the person to complain,when someone posts similar build and yours is optimized very well.I was talking with Ya and he mentioned,that you are testing PB Dervish.

I am asking,cause the difference is substantial,even if build has similar concept.Perma Ascension,yes nice idea.I still like Bat,but your idea can’t support it.

Gloves at some patch Riftwarped lose their chaos to vitality conversion,now noticed the change.Valgur looks better.

These results provide evidence to the contrary of what the community has been ranting about since forever: that rr is almighty. This one goes under 6 with as little as 65% (plus 15% from the ring but that proc is far from 100% up).

I still think Revenant should be better than 100% Ascension vs 75% Ascension without Aeon (38% cdr, man, phew, like the old Clairvoyant!). Not just rr, more speed and energy leech, and racial to undead is precious since both Zant and Moose got crazy vit res. Can’t argue with the last ranks to Heart Seeker, though, so I won’t advocate Cursebearer as I usually would. Also, can’t argue with the results, which are quite confusing, tbh…

I think in THEORY someone like @John_Smith would probably go as fast as 5:20 with my setup and 5:10 with your super offensive Revenant setup when all stars collide. That’s only in theory though. But then what is the point of a faster setup with Revenant when both setups can do 4 runs during a duration of blessings with one banner except Revenant setup is squishy and less consistent and Aeon setup never fails?

I don’t disagree. Or disbelief. I’m actually happy that this build dispels the belief that rr is all-important. And I agree that Aeon is beautiful defensively. Should be nerfed, imo. Too many builds go for it just for Ascension and prove to be all-round better than builds with (using Z’s magic word) INTENDED devotion paths. :stuck_out_tongue:

One more thing: Bonewraith shouldies, maybe? Better res, oa, proc, deflect, and Nether Edge got more cold than chaos plus there’s a pinch of elemental on the Spirits. 2 ranks to Celestial… dunno… if it’s doing THAT with 64/79% rr so how different can 62/77% be?

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Don’t you think I haven’t tested them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did, they are a bit worse in every aspect (conversion kinda overlaps with cold to chaos conversion from the set so vitality damage per blade is a bit lower).

@ya1if you look closer on stats screenshots you will see them in the inventory :grinning:

You are so good on your cruci run now, Madlee. Congrats. Always like your minmax setup.

BTW, vitality build works with only 89% RR? Whelp, time to nerf PB!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@mad_lee True, it’s ele to vit not cold to vit so it doesn’t add and it’s less in the long run.

@thejabrixone How do you count 89%??? It’s 39% from Guardians and 25% from Rattosh. And sometimes 15% from the ring in the longer fights. So 79% maximum.

Off hand my friend

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I suspected that one of you had problems with math, don’t worry, happens to the best of us @ya1 )))))

Added another run, this time 5:37. Build seems to be very consistent on runs without vitality mutators. Played super brazen on wave 170 but build just refused to die.

89 still LOW! :unamused:

Quality runs btw.

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Excellent build, how does it compare with your Cold Phantasmal Blades Speallbreaker?

This one is much stronger. Although Cold PB Infiltrator can more or less successfuly farm SR75-76 (or could in a previous patch, didn’t check him in the current patch) because of Censure + Seal + okay-ish level of armor (for a caster). Dervish really struggles in SR75, but comfortably farms 65-66.

This one is also very fast and fluid in terms of gameplay: very few buttons and great mobility.