[] Demonslayer vitality PB Dervish


Demonslayer is pretty good set,adding superb damage to phantasmal blades and blade spirits.Usually since Nightblade don’t have vitality RR,you need that class.There is option for WH,Reaper,Trickster and…Dervish.So here’s my take on that class.Credits for Sir Spanksalot for creating his wonderful Demonslayer builds!


*pic with perma buffs and DG(basically permanent) DPS for PB one projectile,actual is 8x50k

GT link-https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dlEkJ2

My idea is to focus on PB damage and not blade spirits,point hungry build and a lot.Medal is perhaps questionable choice,but this is for safety.Off hand is groble MI.Rolls on it and pants are BiS,but is hard to cap resistances. So pros and cons of OK.

+automatic RR form Guardians
+energy regen from Virtue
+Mediation is good relic with high vitality damage
+vitality support of exclusive skill
+Ascension absorb and CC

-no skill for bounding
-point hungry
-no resistances at all
-no permanent DA
-lack of vitality damage,outside of POT
-exclusive skill is inferior to Possesion and HoS


It’s easy to do 3 runs in same buff duration.This build have potential to go for even better times,but not with me;).Still is relatively safe to play,but in some waves like 169 and 170 and especially against MQ you still need focus.Mad Queen is nightmare,because her aura reflect my projectiles and Kuba is slow for vitality builds.Also Korvaak is bad enemy.Hey Reaper,how do you do,please don’t leave me so quick :smiley:

Video from Cruci 7 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlRo4FQs63o&feature=youtu.be


Add another Demonslayer to the family!So we can have full tag team Dervish,WH,Trickster and Reaper.

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Reserved Idk why

There it is!

I always wondered if flat dmg absorb from Ascension, circuit breaker from Resilience, health from Haven and not having to cast CoF from Guardians is worth Possession, phys res and all the dmg bonuses from occultist. It’s not, is it?

I had nothing to do at the office for a while lol so I meddled with it a little. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E1Xl72

DA is there in Veil of Shadows, actually slightly more than you got in your original version. Second Bone is worth the Diamond, imo, on a low rr builds.

Couldn’t find a way to softcap Clarity and I think it’s worth it. With that cdr you got only 6s downtime on Ascension. And with that crit dmg (~110% on PB) that oa is really strong.

But have you tested/considered Mandate? That crit dmg and slow res might be worth that 120% vit and a that 2-3 seconds on Ascension and DG (from PotT’s cdr). Or not. Just asking.

I ve tested few versions,including different skill distribution,devotion bindings and mandate.

Dying god is permanent if you time the reset button Ascension also reaps benefits from CDR.Also phantasmal blades is cast with little WD,so vitality modifier is important and other than POT I don’t have many ways to increase it,so I think is better than Mandate.From versions I tested this is fastest by around 10 seconds,than others.But your skill points distribution looks better!

What you think is ranking by class for PB?


I use a similar devotion setup on my PB Witch Hunter

Try swapping Lotus for Panther, Eel for 3 nodes in Wendigo and 1 point from Lion to starting green node in the center. It’s the setup I currently use and I believe you would get a bit more out of it.

You could also swap at least 1 Sanctified bone for Living armor. You get much needed elem resist and keep chaos resist while getting more OA and absorption% (you get tons of racial damage on Chthonics from set anyways). You can then swap those fire&lightning augments for something more appealing to overcap, or even to stack DA. Greaves of Ill Omens are your friend, especially for much needed stun resist. Solemn Mark is a great defensive option for your medal slot.

Lastly, I believe you would get more out of Seal of Blades/Seal of Might combo than out of 2x SoM. Those 2 augment slots I mentioned earlier can help you compensate.

@Roadkill87 ,thanks!

For the ideas,I am not sure how they will fare.

Medal,I actually was wondering between this medal and your suggestion,but choose the other instead.Option is also Mark of divinity or good rolled BoM

Lotus adds energy regen and physical resistance,the two things that are Achilles heel for this build.

Living armor,maybe although absorb makes no difference here.

Seal of might provides physical resistance and my WD is too low to count
on Seal of blades life steal.

I forgot about phys resist, which is funny since I faced the same problem with my Reaper setup and ultimately went for WH.

Mark of Illusion is a good choice for energy regen, although armor loss might be too much.

There’s also Rotgut Venom on jewelry but it will cost you OA.

Anyways, as long as you can tackle Crucible with relative ease the build is fine as it is

BTW, if you don’t mind farming green Korvan Pauldrons it could be a considerable upgrade, it’s like your current shoulders but on steroids.

Well I am up for tweaking it ofc :wink:

But yeah,changes that decreased physical resistance ate not recommended.

I played and discussed PB Reaper with Sir Spanksalot and he was prioritizing Physical RES and I think,since you can’t stack infinite armor,is mandatory to have some.Also WH have granted from BoD and Reaper have Omen and Decay.

Yeah, I learned to rely on Omen for mitigation as well + it’s a great tool for proccing skeletons. There’s also MoT which does wonders if used correctly. It’s an active playstyle though, and I’m a bit lazy so I’ll just stick with WH for now.

Try your luck with Korvan Pauldrons, you might score some with phys resist… I’ll try to do the same with Death Effigy, although Contagion isn’t half bad