⭐ The fastest cleaners in the World

That is so sick! So did Crate end up actually buffing Acid Dervishes with the latest changes? Becase I am looking at your video and it seems they did.

Don’t forget this setup has 10 absolutely impossible green affixes as well as good rolls on everything. Mediation+Treacherous Means is only viable for GDStashed setups. On no-green setups losing +2 to nightblade means losing all of Merciless Repertoire, hardcap at Lethal Assault, aether res goes down to 50%, da goes to 2,700, oa too, etc.

[] Pyran shieldbreaker farm run 4:56


I gave up after this run but this setup could hit 4:40 or better with luck. 20+ tries and no luck for me. Zantarin/Moose never come in range.


Under 5 minutes,damn!

This set and mortars are cool.Sadly they will feature,probably in next patch notes.

New Lokar WR - 7.5 s!

New time limit for crucible - 5:30

Well, you can add this build of mine before it gets nerfed. I guess 5:10 can be easily improved if Skull is used in the chest and some points would be siphoned to Cunning but can’t be arsed with that really.

If you still add Crucible runs, you can add this green freak of mine, John Smith did 5.03 run [] DW Chillstrifes cold Trickster Gladiator 5.25

I dont understand why it needs to be nerfed consider it plays like a real piano and the amount of effort you need to output that DPS.

Something like physical retal or EOR had to be nerfed because they were doing millions of dps while pressing 2 buttons.

Hey just discovered the thread, pretty cool. I’ve got a build that did a 2.8sec at Mad Queen but that was when retal was yet to be nerfed, not sure if nerfed builds can be on the list but there’s the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7iV59OtAgs

Being a newbie here, it’s my understanding that this thread would serve as a list of builds to be nerfed, not the ones already nerfed.

Well a majority of the builds shown above have been nerfed already and they’re still up there, so I guess it only records the best performances ever done otherwise it would be called “builds in need of nerf” instead of “fastest cleaners” :thinking:

Let’s just say the thread is a legacy thing and is no longer actively maintained.

Looks like it. Cuz I’m seeing some new vids on discord servers showing better times for some of these benchmarks. Just today someone destroyed that dummy in under 10 sec.

Hmm oh well, would be nice if author mentioned in the first post that the list is no longer kept updated, it’s a shame though the idea is pretty good even though it’s nothing official

Damn lazy assholes! Nothing is abandoned! You just forgot how to play! For whom Zantai worked in sweat?! Listen and remember: 4 blessings. 4 towers. And over 30 potions! The crucible will still be crushed! Go ahead, I believe in you.

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I want topic with advise where to put my 4 towers(maybe 3?) and which potions will help me cut some time other than Aetherward oil. And then will crush your friends at… Crucible :rofl:

I don’t think they forgot anything. Asked that guy on discord who posted a sub 10 sec dummy video to come forth and show his build. His reply was something in the lines of “they have already crippled two of my top builds, not giving them more candy”. I find this disturbing. I’ve just joined the fun and want action! But I’m so far away from getting the gear to be able to participate.

Probably just GDStashed their gear anyway.

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Bruh, so list still updated then :thinking: ?

In that case ima ask again if the build I’ve made could be featured on it :cowboy_hat_face:

@medea_fleecestealer : I mean, although GDstashed builds do have an advantage they’re still considered legit, now about being realistic is another story…

Even “realistic” builds with no greens are GD stashed by the way. I mean you can choose your crafting bonus and hunt for above average items rolls. And craft your relic/conduit with desired stats.

I personally started posting builds 100% self found, but then switched to using GD stash. Hail Mamba!

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