Theoryrcaft - Dual Pistol Vitality Defiler

Hello everyone,

I dropped the Gargabol Gun last month and wondered if I could build around it. Not having a 100 Defiler yet, do you guys think this is worth a shot leveling a toon i.e. could this build concept be viable ?

Here’s the GRIMTOOL link for the core of the build.

Firestrike based, with 3 WPS.
70% Fire to Vitality.
75% Chaos to Vitality.
Many RR resources.

I haven’t updated in a while. But this might help you


For Necro I’d suggest dropping Dark One. Will comment with further testing

With the suffix on the Conduit Amulet, it leaves room for improvement indeed.

Why dropping Dark one ?

I added two GT links to the thread

Might give you some insight. I’ll push back some other builds and update this one cause it hasn’t been updated since Gargabol’s Dungeon release.

I should read more carefully! I’m happy I had more or less the same idea as you on how to build around it.

I’ll be glad to have some feedback from you (I have 2 or 3 toons I’d like to “finish” before getting another one to 100).