There is like 10+ models for Briarthorns, why did the player get the worst one? Suggestion for choice

Love the game but the Briarthorn was a real “expections vs reality” sadface for me. Having seen all the awesome looking big bulky briarthorns with red glowing eyes, and coolest looking of all - old bloodbriar in the pine wood area. Then… looking at what briarthorn summon we get, which of all the models is the lamest one. It’s so bland and boring. It’s so tiny as well. So bland.

Can we get a toggle option for what model we want to use for it please? Shouldn’t be hard to implement, just a model change mechanics are the same anyway.

It is bothering me a lot, more than it should… that our briarthorn is so… boring. It really doesn’t look menacing enough imo.

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Someone that is capable at modding will have to correct me but I believe to do this, you would have to apply the model swap to every skill rank dbr of Summon Briarthorn, from the first skill level up to the 26th. For every kind of Briarthorn you would want to do.

There are tools to automate such things / replace it in multiple files at once.

There are only 3 briarthorn models actually.



By the way we call them briarthorns when in reality they are thorned horrors (in game files). Only the Shaman’s pet version has actual briars aswell.

What I can try is swapping the model and texture of the pet briarthorn to the Ol’ Bloodbriar ones.


Well I managed to change its model to the basic thorn, but it uses the basic texture no matter what I do.


What other texture did you want to use with it? Are there some others for basic model?

There are 8, last one being used by Bloodbriar. I think I know how to make this work though, just give me a few mins.

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@Ouroboros Done!

Download this and unpack .rar content into GD’s main directory.


Thank you so much! <3 I have a question though, if I use this will it interfere with my achievements or can it cause any crashes or problems?

OMFG! MASKA!!! It works! And it looks fucking AWESOME! Thank you so much dude, if you were in the same room as me right now I’d hug you for an awkwardly long time :slight_smile:


It’s a hardmod so no, you can even play multiplayer with it!


Hmmm it seems to no longer shoot spines when it does its groundslam. A model / texture change shouldn’t affect its abilities right? O.o or am I remembering the pet wrong maybe?

Works fine for me, unless you mean some other spines? I don’t really remeber Briarthorn skills :expressionless:

The model is unchanged. It uses Bloodbriar’s textures and thorns’ texture is removed so it’s invisible

Ok cheers :)! Also thanks again, I love the new look so much.