Thermite mines rebalancing suggestion

New thermite is great, huge step up from the previous version and its use as a damage skill is now actually viable. But realistically speaking it’s best at 9 summons with cyclone offhand, meaning on other thermite focus builds like Infernal Knight without cyclone offhand it’s only 2/3 as effective. I think cyclone is probably already on @Zantai watchlist for next patch and there’s a good chance (and I’ve seen it suggested once) the summon limit mod is removed from cyclone. I wanna suggest instead to move the summon limit increase to overcap levels like 24/16 (or maybe make it 3 initially then 6 at 12/16 then 9 at 24/16) so that non cyclone builds will be able to use thermites as a damage skill to full effect. Whether damage or RR values need to be decreased depends on if it ends up too OP but it’s likely to happen.

Zantai please hear me :slight_smile:

B…but, I was planning to use Cyclone offhand on my pet build :sob:

You still get the summon limit tho if you push mines to overcap :stuck_out_tongue:



I dunno, you can have three or four wind devils out whether you invest in them or not and they chase stuff around too. Are thermites really that much stronger? With Trozan they get an extra -10 RR too.

Despite how many you have only 1 mine can damage an enemy at a time. The bonus comes from the extra RR and flat damage on top and I guess the conversion from chaos to lightning. Yeah it’s extremely strong if you’re wearing the set but then again, shouldn’t wearing a set feel strong?

I’ve got no problem covering a large area with Infernal Knight + Mythical Grim Fate (+1.5m radius total). I get bigger mines instead of more mines. Of course, I don’t care about pushing Crucible or SR, so I don’t know how it would work there. I just have fun with the campaign.

Please only do this, otherwise aether/chaos demo will need to put more points in main skill too.

Balancing mines? I am gonna get cheeky and say, reduce energy cost :angel:

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Got a source on that? Cause it felt like I was killing bosses faster when I put all 9 mines on top of them.

You got a point

MAKE IT ZEROOO :grava_yes:

This has been well known for quite some time. In the alpha I posted a video killing Loghorrean by dropping all 6 mines on him and backing off. Back then “All” mines damaged an enemy. He dropped after about 10 seconds. (I still have that vid).

The devs patched it so mines worked as a debuff so large enemies such as skeletal gargantuans etc couldn’t be cheesed.

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Don’t have a source but I believe it’s been mentioned before than Mines debuff is essentially a miniature version of Censure (without the disrupt/damage reduction) that they all share.

Them melting things on Cyclone is probably a combination of their damage being pushed through the roof (somewhere around 900-1200 as Fire/Lightning/Burn) and that Cyclone can push insane amounts of RR to both damage types between Mines and Devils.

Correct. Like Censure or Veil of Shadows/Night’s Chill, Thermite Mines exude an AoE debuff that deals damage once per second and does not stack with itself.

Wow. The damage values on vanilla mines/their Cyclone boni must be waaay to high then :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This would mean that the Cyclone offhand really only offers more consistency for the TM damage, right? Removing the summon limit bonus from it wouldn’t actually make much sense then, I guess…

I think that the RR probably has to be nerfed already without considering any possible buffs to the summon limit. 50% at 26/16 is now pretty much the highest amount of RR you can get amongst basically all the RR-skills in the game, which, now that it is applied in a quick & reliable fashion, sounds just imbalanced. Of course, it also requires the highest skill point investment amongst them all; but maybe that should just have an impact on their base dmg, not the RR.

I think reaching ~35% RR around ~12/16 should still be possible, however, so you aren’t forced to max it on every single build.