Thick Walls and moats instead of multi walls

I do not know what you all think. But these screen shots with 3 4 lines of walls look ugly and stupid. That is not a normal look of a medieval town. This should be changed. Make thicker walls or upgrade them in a way.
What about moats? And small bridges to the gates.


Oooh moats :slight_smile: That can be stocked with alligators! Like that :smiley:

I agree that I do not like the look of those double walls. Having it become become one thicker wall would look much better. Of course then I would definitely want the ability to have my soldiers running along the top pf that wall as defenders to shoot down at raiders when they come. Or dropping big rocks down at the battering rams when they try to pierce the walls.

Yep would be nice but that is a lot of extra work that comes out of just making multi-layer walls thicker walls at this point in the build.
Something that may be good to add to the ideas forum but probably would not be added for a good while as there are a lot of quality of life things that need added before we get into stuff that would be nice.

But ya for sure if its not in the ideas forum add it.

No bridges are coming any time soon as the Devs said the coding wasn’t written or doesn’t work for them. :frowning:

Sad i know, also Moats… how? you want to have a map editor? All we can do is “Level” ground not raise or lower it, No water tool… How would you go about making moats. Also the devs have said " are you sure this is in medieval times?" :thinking:

Bridges are so basic…its city building 101

Yeah :frowning: i got this game and thought " oh bridges will be added, this is early access" Then i saw a response in a thread about bridges and well yeah … made me a little sad inside. Thankfully not a lot of islands show up and most of the time there is a way around the water. Most of the time not all of the time.

Or not.


You mean just create the same ticket again in " Ideas and Feedback"?
Don’t the developers also look here? :slight_smile:

Or a mod moves it to the right section. :wink:

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Digging irrigation is one of the earliest things humans did when they invented agriculture. I really think that this game at some point needs to give the player the ability to dig moats and ditches, both for defense, for better water supply, and for irrigation of crop fields.

Ahhh, bridges and moats - having been an avid player of Banished for many years it would be a shame if the devs did not put in options for bridges, canals and moat building as these would have been integral in some form to the civs iin this era…

Easier said than done.

That makes for some very sound project planning, would it be possible to add some ponds and fountains to the ‘decorations’ section as that will add a lot of extra colour to the Villages? You guys are doing a great job with this early access!

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