Third mastery vertex for Infernal Knight/Champion?

On the Discord, TomoDaK and I worked out the idea of what Barnacle Ed called “Kala Pala”–a Paladin whose main tools are Rune of Kalastor, Vire’s Might/Volcanic Stride, and Judgment to yank foes onto the first two. While fantasizing about the build doing well enough to merit a set, I thought about what the third vertex would best be, and I quickly thought of Demolitionist and Thermite Mine. So, wanting to compare Kala Pala and a similar Shieldbreaker, I began cobbling the latter together.

Cue my discovering the Infernal Knight/Champion set. Which already bolsters Judgment and Thermite Mine.

Depending on whether IK Shieldbreakers routinely use Vire’s Might, I think we were prefigured.

Still, I began wondering if mechanics, balance, and lore (q.v. the Infernal Knight, Gallros Val, being a member of the Black Legion) could accept the set being altered to also bolster Rune of Kalastor. My main concern is whether this is merited, one part on not (yet) being able to test Kala Pala in the field, two parts on Blackwater Cocktail also being bolstered by the set. I don’t think we have examples of a set bolstering four skills, no matter how many masteries they’re spread around.

Sets only supports at max three skills and Infernal Champion already does it. Even if two are from the same mastery.

Ha, had a feeling that would be it.