This building is condemned


I can’t select it. The interface is greyed out with a THIS BUILDING IS CONDEMNED text and no options.

I have always been able to select them and just move/rotate it and they will rebuild it in place is what I have found. You may also want to assign more laborer/builders to avoid this.

What you say is true and works… but that might qualify as a work around. When you select it, there is no option to “Repair” specifically.

True, I just assumed it was a feature they would eventually get around to adding, since they already put the text in.


Nyah, in this case I had plenty builders but no wood for them to use. :slight_smile: Either way, there should probably be a repair/delete option!

Is there any actual guidance on how to repair these buildings though? Do you need laborers or builders or both? I have the materials necessary and my laborers are orange because I have so many builders (which seems to auto populate to max no matter what’s going on now since .75b). At one point today, a season changed and literally 10% of my buildings collapsed, 15-20% condemned, and tons needed repair, out of no where. Does anyone know what we actually need to fix this? It sucked having nearly a 1/3 of my town destroyed/unusable with no warning or even a way to correct the problem.

Try saving and reloading the new save (not ‘continue’, load it). I had it that tons of houses insta-repaired after that.

Apart from that, yes you need free workers (a lot) and the stuff to repair - and in time they will fix everything.

Good luck

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Free builders or free laborers?

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