This Drop of Monster Infrequents really freaks me out

Scored from “the Amalgamation” in the “Gruesome Harvest”

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I am very jealous. I imagine many people are. Pulsing Shards ONLY drop from The Amalgamation, there’s no riftgate nearby, and they take ages to farm, but a good one is competitive against Codex of Lies. Hard to find any MI that can do that. But then you get good rolls on both ends? Not, like GG suffix IMO, but still, I’m jealous. I keep getting Nightblade’s Pulsing Shard, and that’s just useless.

You can also buy Pulsing Shards from the hidden vendor in Port Valbury.

I think the Blood Grove Vendor technically has a slim chance too. However, it’s not a DROP then. XD

I guess mine is only half as good :smiley: