This emoji

I’m pretty familiar with the emoji set on Discord (it’s the same here). But I’ve never seen this thing:


Looking like he just spiked the punch bowl or something.

Seems to be a lot more of those things to play with. We’ve even got some GD ones. :grava_yes:

Whaaaaat that’s awesome! :faction_devilscrossing:

Seems like the only thing that’s missing are icons for the nine masteries. :crate:

It’s, um…become a staple in our Crate chat (which is basically our “office” since we don’t have one), and I ported it over to the new forum. :smiley:

So you don’t actually use words any more. It’s all emojis back and forth. :upside_down_face:

At least the scroll bar for them is better here. The one in the discord is awful.

We need this as an emoji.


I’m not sure I want to give the forum such terrible power. :scream:

When the item is perfectly balanced

Well. This is getting out of hand now.