This game is, literally, the best ARPG, Crate, you are the best.

I’ve been following this game since the beginning, but didn’t want to spoil, nether having the time playing and modding Neverwinter Nights, Skyrim, then came Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity… too much good games in few time (Kickstarter is a blessing).

Well, finally I have enough free time to play Grim Dawn and I can’t stop, literally, every time I see my PC at home I imagine my character in Grim Dawn, is much more than I expected, a large sandbox, rich and deep in each pixel, a game done with love for the art, full of secrets and you discover more possibilities through your progress. It feels a real Titan Quest 2, and with its toolset will live forever.

The title is not exaggerated, because Grim Dawn has the best of each ARPG mechanics: empty character to start, straight forward questing, sandbox, respawn, offline-lan-online options, mod friendly and toolset, guys, there is no other ARPG at this moment that has all the best features together.

I will send any feedback I have, and start modding as soon I end the vanilla game, which I’m taking my time to enjoy each step in this rich world.