This game is SUPER easy..

I´m playing on veteran difficulty… no hardcore…lvl 15 …but…it seems this game has nothing to offer in terms of difficulty…simply…it´s super easy… I´ve visited also locations with mobs lvl 20+ and I can not simply die. :smiley: holding right mouse button and killing everything everywhere…

you’re only lvl15. you’re only on veteran.
come back when you’re lvl 75+ and on Ultimate

Hey, we’ve got a legit gangsta here. Seriously though, try and find a little something called Gutworm, you should be in the area related. And wait for Elite/Ultimate, that’s where you’ll find out wether your build is stronk or not.

I can´t try ultimate yet…I must kill the End boss…but I can´t play it without challenge…

Contradiction. Can’t play without challenge, therefore can’t play in the challenging areas.

Then don’t play, what do, you expect us to say ? Are you new to aRPGs ? D2/TQ are pretty much the same, normal = easy, elite/nightmare = difficult, ultimate/hell = hell indeed.

Or you are being a troll, and this forum has too much standard for you.

All the ARPG/H&S I know are extremely easy at the beginning. GD is no exception. It will get more exciting beginning with the end of act 1, and when you arrive in ultimate you will get ripped to shreds without the right gear and build and if you don’t watch out, even more so than in other games of the genre.

I´m new to aRPGs… I tought, it´l be more challenging from beginning… nothing more…

OK… didn´t know it´s an issue related to this sort of games… I will therefore give another try to GD.

Thanks for your answers…

so what did you want to discuss? or just wanted to let everybody know? if so: noted. :smiley:
ps: my chars can and do die.

As I wrote… thanks for your answers… have a nice day … :smiley:

though, to be fair, i’ve seen some sick play with ranged chars. you can evade a lot of attacks if you put the micro in. what build are you using?

You played one hour.

Once you get to a door behind a key, walk right in.

And I dare you to play Hardcore since you feel pretty confident!

Also, not all builds have the same power curve: there are builds that start slow and then get better, and vice versa, and then there are builds I make, which just plain suck.