This is very strange!?

Okay I had not played GD for a few days so I decided to play a little this afternoon with my Blademaster on Elite.

Now I use Blade Spirit [ lvl 1 only. ) to proc Blizzard, and till today Blade Spirit dispelled itself after a short while. Which I think is great because Blizzard is pretty darn powerful in my opinion. :slight_smile:

But for some reason as of today they appear to stay permanent in my game. And having two permanent Blade spirits who can proc Blizzard is not something I like. I tried to exit to desktop and restarting Steam, but it seems to happen every time.

Has any one else had this happening … or did Crate change something and did I simply not noticed the update some how?

Grim Dawn was updated a few days ago. One of the changes was to Blade Spirit being permanent.

Zantai posts changelogs for a reason you know. :wink:

It’s the biggest one EVER!

Thank you JudgeU and Medea. :slight_smile:

Hmm I like that they are faster now, but personally I would have preferred it if they still got dispelled after a while. Any way how I was able to miss steam installing that update ( And here on the forums. )then is beyond me … but otherwise there appear to be some nice changes. :cool: