This is why I like this game

I’m playing a Vitality Ritualist (currently Act 3 on Elite, level 73, GT link here) , and I decided to try this Rylok Mark I had on stash so I could use Primal Strike to increase my DPS and… Voila, lightning now does vit damage, and it’s red!

I’ve never done this before, so I got surprised with this attention to detail. Completely useless post, I know, just waned to share a cool detail with those who never seen it, like myself.


Welcome to this great game and awesome community! What you’ve described is indeed one of the best things about this game. Also pay attention to item descriptions, as there are some items that do things not listed in their abilities, but are described in their item descriptions!

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Checkout my screenshots, you’ll be amazed. These are not all visual changes, just in recent patches.

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