This purifier concept any good?

Suffering from strong altitis I tend to try other builds every so often. So far I like my Summoner and my Witch Hunter, but I bought Ashes a short time ago. Thus of course I try new class combos with the new classes.
ATM that is the Purifier. It seems dual pistols plus runes is nice. In my head I’d stick mostly to Inquisitor and add some fire dmg from the Demolisher. In my head it forms up like this:
There was one devotion that seems off, but it didn’t let me remove the points. I hade it for the extra devotion for finishing it.

Main problem to me is where to put points first. Everything seems nice, but spreading too thin usually means to have all skills and none is effective. I planned a kind of trapper, laying out mines/runes and shooting with dual pistols from afar.
So any comments, or points I am missing, or am I way off with some points, or the whole concept?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Mate, it’s hard to tell if the build is good if you have no items on it and such.

Would be best if you could gear it up with what you believe BiS to be, and work from there.

TBH, I think your devotions could use quite a bit of work (but not to worry! I’ve done far worse builds in my time :rolleyes:)

I’m sure we can figure something out. :slight_smile:

Hm, that’s unusual for me. Usually I build up skills and try to use weapons that are appropriate. :smiley: Never went through item lists to ajust skill lists. :wink: I guess I will go through possible equip, but that’s the point I’m most unexperienced with, as I am not used to do it that way and just use what I get my hands on.
Skill points come as you play, weapons have to be farmed. :rolleyes: But I will check equip lists to see what comes to mind. Basic concept was pistolero with traps on the way to me. I guess I’ll find fire weapons.

Items are important IMO, as they essentially determine your skill point allocation.

For example, if I chose to go the warborn route with a soldier class, then I’m going to go cadence heavy.

If I instead take the octavius set, I’m going to go Forcewave heavy.

If I use the markovian set, I’m most probably going to build it as a double blitzer.

Of course, there’re many ways to skin a cat - I’m just sharing with you how I generally* tend to build my specs.

  1. I start off with a playstyle I want to run (caster? autoattacker? Cooldown reduction? MoT/Mirror/Blade barrier chainer? Hybrid?)

  2. I pick 1 or 2 skills I really want to focus on.

  3. I look at the sets available to me.

  4. I focus on skill points --> then devotions --> Then fix my resists/stat requirements for gear.

EDIT: If gunslinging/traps are what you’re into - consider the dagallon set.

Another thing worth noting is this - In my experience, GD is best played in a very unintuitive manner. Figure out what the end goal/build is, then work towards it.

If you take it one step at a time, it’s easy to miss the big picture, and to end up with a very haphazardly slapped together build.

This logic applies to EVERYTHING:

  1. Relic crafting? Look at the BiS relic you want, and craft the relics needed to get to the end relic as it gets ridiculously expensive to craft relics the more you progress.

  2. Devotions? Look at the tier 3 devotions you want, and figure out the devotion pathing.

  3. Builds? This is more forgiving as levelling builds are often very different from final builds, but having a good idea of what your end game spec is going to play like enables you to look out for the items that you want/need. This makes trading easier, and you won’t risk selling greens which can be BiS for your build.

If you don’t mind going 2-handed, Runebinder will be perfect for you. It’s probably still possible if you want to stick with dual wield but you’ll be more point hungry as a result.

Also, if you want some inspiration, look up x1x1x1x2’s pure trap build.

It’s VERY well done.

I’ve never tried to make a trap build, but another way to approach a purifier with the dual pistols idea is to get Fire Strike and get the inquisitor’s Bursting Round, Chilling Round, and Storm Spread. You would be more auto attack focused, and still have the options to get the runes and mines to help defend you as you turret those that approach you.

Not sure if I agree with the rune portion here. But then again, I’m not the best purifier builder.

Would focus way more on attack speed, seal, ADCTH, and just sheer dps to kill things fast enough they don’t get to me.

A build idea I’m thinking of trying one day is a DW dagallons (the fire one) with the ulzuin set.

For purifier it’s hard to make a hybrid ranged/runes build since the Fire Strike line + WPS means you will lack points. Even if you do go Runebinder, you’ll lack cold RR from Demo to back the hybridization. If you really want a hybrid then I suggest ditching Purifier and go for either Vindicator or Deceiver. Or if you can handle being pure ranged then Purifier is the way to go.

I will check the pure trapper build. I already noticed end of act 1 that going hybrid is hard. Especially the blitzing mobs that just run over the runes and are out of reach when they trigger bother me. Especially if I have to stand still to shoot. So going passive with the dual pistols and add up with runes is no good? I rebuild my Summoner already, because big gun with Summons turned out to be half baked on both fields and I was casting more, than shooting.

So Purifier trying to do runes and shoot down the enemy running through the fire and ice is going to be tough or rather too mediocore on both fields (shooting and trapping) to prevail it seems?

Yes. Which is why the dagallon set is never used in builds.

EDIT: The guns are awesome though. Do use them. Ideally, however, you’d use either 2x lighting or 2x fire as this game generally rewards single damage type builds far more than mixed damage types.