Those Floating Crystals

These crystals look amazing. Would really be nice to have the option to change their colour somehow, maybe by adding an elixir on them with the desired color or something similar, or to have more of them, with diff colours.

Kasparov’s Crystal -’s_Gamble

Hargate’s Crystal -’s_Mysteries

Correct me if im wrong, but before AoM, wasn’t it possible to get the Hargate crystal by not completing the Kasparov quest, as he gave it to u with +1 damage, and after u test it, it was broken, and when he repaired it, it got purple ???

It would also be nice if they would have some things they do and not just stand around and go next to the enemy that attacks you (which in very small cases is actually helpful).

Like open chests, corpses etc, or act wierd next to hidden places, or go in the direction ur bounty is…something to do…but still helpful…maybe act wierd or flicker light flashes when nemesis is close.